Don’t be evil or how Google is full of crap


Google is famous for it’s controversial slogan “Don’t be evil” – coming from a rapidly expanding company that collects the private data of everyone. Did I mention it’s worth 500 billion USD? That’s $500,000,000,000. Lot’s of zeros, it’s hard to keep track, right?

Google aggressive ads policy is greatly affecting the search engine industry. Google is changing the design of the search result pages, adding things like maps that get shuffled everyday to increase the number of clicks on the PPC ads. Increasing PPC revenues is known to be on the agenda of the top Google executives.

We have seen the impact of this ourselves at ClickDo – even the top spots will get less clicks as they go towards the PPC sites. The ratio of PPC versus organic clicks has been around 20%-30% for PPC and the rest for organic. It’s now growing rapidly and taking away valuable clicks from the business owners that actually invest the money and effort to make their sites valuable and user friendly.

It’s a war against SEO agencies across the globe – they’re the ones providing the valuable service of online search clicks at a way cheaper price than the PPC. Now, we’re not complaining – the hustle will always prevail and SEO agencies and consultants like ClickDo will always find a way. This is the reason we recommend SEO agencies to focus on the restricted industries.

Anti-trust EU case

As some might of heard, Google or the recently re-branded corporate name “Alphabet” is under an anti-trust lawsuit in the European Union. The case is against Google’s rapid aggression in the shopping search engine results pages, where Google promotes it’s own services. This gives them a monopoly and is against the competition regulations.

This might stop Google from it’s aggressive expansion of the PPC design for a while, but we’re likely to see Google successfully increase it’s main revenue driver, the PPC income. This is at the expense of the SEO agencies and some business owners, however it’s not all that bad. There will always be demand for SEO services and this is good for the industry – the strong shall survive.


Business owners across the globe shall focus on on-page improvements as much as the off-page. This is the key – a good website will be better for the visitors and even if a business is to go for PPC it will be cheaper with a great responsive sites – this is according to Google web-masters guidelines.

SEO agencies shall widen their services, always be on top of their skill set and focus on the industries not yet affected by this.

For the business owners in the restricted industries these are good news and they should definitely hire an SEO consultant today and rank on the top to enjoy 100% of the traffic.

Now, to sum up Google and it’s behavior … the following video does it quite well.

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