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Happy New Year – 2017 Plans & Strategies For Business Growth In the Digital Economy

Happy new year 2017!!!

The year has begun and I’m at the ClickDo Ltd. Canary Wharf office right now after a great night with my friends. We’ve started the year perfectly and right now Kasun, Madhur and even Logesh is planing the year 2017. It’s our goal to do the best work for our clients and take the journey towards helping 10,000 local businesses in UK by 2020. This year our goal is to reach teh 100 local business clients we consult with our digital marketing services.

At ClickDo we’ve hit some great goals like reaching to top of the search engine optimization game, and you can see brag me and Stuart did last week:

You saw what we have done for our brand and that’s exactly what we can do for your local business in UK. We specialise in UK search engine optimization and also Logesh Kumar is a master in driving buyer traffic to any website with his PPC skills.

We have some amazing skills to optimize dental and orthodontics niches and those are pet niches in London, UK. So we invite all the dental niche players to talk to us and get the brand built in 12 months.

How ClickDo Ranks On Google and How Your Business Can Too

With that being said, I do most of the content marketing on https://medium.com/clickdo and also on https://www.facebook.com/seoconsultant2020/

Also I just did started the Vimeo platform for ClickDo today and you all can see our latest SEO tips and strategies there on https://vimeo.com/clickdo

Have a great year in in 2017!!!

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