How Fernando Started SeekaHost to become a thriving brand on Facebook and how you can do the same for your startup


Fernando, the founder of ClickDo and SeekaHost, has been able to establish SeekaHost as a well recognized SEO hosting company by utilizing Facebook.

In this article, we take a look at the major strategic steps Fernando took to achieve this.

Fernando randomly going live on Facebook!

The power of Facebook

First of all, it’s very important to understand the incredible power Facebook has.

The platform is incredibly powerful for reaching many well targeted people. While businesses find it necessary to spend on Facebook advertisement to boost their reach, Fernando managed to get incredible and targeted results without spending anything on advertisement.

That’s the power of Facebook – people search for information, contribute and engage. And there’s a billion active users on the platform – brands can be built purely from this massive platform. So the first step is to understand and recognize that.

Create Facebook groups and provide enormous value

The key to stand out in the age of information overload is by providing supreme content. If you’re not into entertainment or comedy niches, your only solution is to provide highly valuable contents in regard to the niche or technical skills that your site is about.

The best way to go for this is to open a Facebook group and just start posting amazingly valuable contents. People will share it and more importantly – come back. Users will engage, click thought to your links and when you present products or services you will have an existing user base to promote to.

Fernando sharing a good book he recommends on SEO tribe.


Fernando started a closed Facebook group in mid 2015, posted a load of valuable contents and the result was amazing – after a year the group now has 2,700 users. No heavy sales of SeekaHost have been done, yet the group has converted nearly 10% of it’s users into hosting clients.

The other group “SEO tribe”, opened just two months ago already has 1,208 members:


All of this has been achieved without any advertising – that’s the power of providing incredibly high value contents and not expecting anything back.

The results

The results have been absolutely amazing for promoting a brand such as SeekaHost – we have two groups with nearly 4,000 loyal members. Without much actual sales or pitching – SeekaHost has acquired multiple hundreds of clients.

The groups that functions as the background has been the key for this.

How your startup can utilize Facebook

The results Fernando has achieved with SeekaHost have not been bad at all and we have learned a few things while building a brand on Facebook. These are the guidelines for your startup or product:

1. Value

As emphasized before – value is the easiest way to catch peoples attention. Don’t make it general, make the value specific to your product or industry. The idea is to reveal secrets and teach people technical skills.

2. Different content types

Fernando figured this out early – make your content interesting, make it in different formats to keep the attention you’re creating. No doubt most value probably is in detailed 100 page reports – nobody will read that on Facebook. Be creative and find different methods of delivering your message for most branding success on Facebook.

Q/A videos, live videos, blogs and pictures are just some of the types of contents Fernando did to create massive success for SeekaHost.

3. Utilize team members

This is a key one – if you have a team working on the vision of the brand, be sure to involve them in the stories and contents you’re releasing. This will help enormously with the trust and reputation, especially if you’re in a saturated market with many players and trying to gain market share on Facebook. People need to know you’re for real, that there’s a team behind the project, all working towards the vision of the project.

4. Weekday themes

Having weekday themes and releasing the contents on those days is a very efficient way of locking in an active audience. The people will be looking forward to those times of the week and day. After all – most great things require routine to fulfill all of the work, so this is good for you and the audience.

Once you start pushing and promoting, it will also be easier if the contents are released on specific times and days – you know the audience you will get on that day and the best way to go for pitching.

5. Returns will be slow

This is maybe the most important thing to understand if you want to utilize Facebook and Facebook groups for your brand awareness. It take enormous time to build these groups and a following. All the time and resources that you put in should be viewed as creation of goodwill and not actual investment – as the return might never come.

If you are to be successful, expect to give it 6-12 months before any real returns start coming.

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