What to do when your local business website is lacking leads from thh web?

Google ads on SERPs

Most of the business owners in UK are experiencing this problem these days. The thing is some business owners who have their website ranked on top of search engines like Google are also experiencing this case. So that’s why I though let me take some time and explain this.

Google ads on SERPs

You see the above screen shot?

4 ads on the top and that’s why you now do not get the clicks you used to get, when we ranked your business website at the top of the search engines.

So what should you do? – Start PPC Google AdWords ASAP. Logesh has written many articles about this and he highlights the importance to spending on Google AdWords. Logesh has been working as a SEO consultant and moved to the PPC department at ClickDo because we realised it’s time to help local business owners in UK to start with PPC and get their share of the leads in the market.

If you run a business in London, the competition is so high, you must consider doing PPC for your business website. There are so many articles on this website about PPC written by Logesh Kumar, because we want to help you understand the importance of PPC.

So think about it and get in touch with us if your local business in UK is struggling with leads, business inquiries.

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