5 simple on-page SEO tips for dentists


Every dentist needs to rank on top of Google – simple as that. The ones that think they don’t might be great and well skilled dentists, but their practices might fall behind in the local market and the client base won’t be expanding.

These are 5 simple tips you need to ensure that your dentistry website has:

1. Web design for SEO

Your website must be up to date with the current technologies and web trends. Take a good look at your website – how does it look? Is it modern? Take a look at your browser history – how well does it compare versus the last 5 websites you visited?

It is not that expensive to get a good, responsive website done – you need this if you’re to survive in the digital economy.

2. Meta descriptions

Make sure that your site has the right plug ins and the meta descriptions are optimized for a specific keyword. This is very easy to do an you can find plenty of tips online.

You don’t even need any technical experience, assuming that your site runs on on of the content management systems, you can find an SEO plug in to fill out the details.

3. URL structure

If you’re ranking for your local dentist market, make sure the relevant keywords are in the URL. This is the key, if it’s not in the URL your site won’t rank.

This again is very easy to fix, in WordPress you can adjust the link of the site with 1 click.

4. The main dentist service SEO keyword in the title

Make sure that the title has the the keyword you’re aiming for. The closer to the begging it is, the more relevance your dentist content will have to the keyword and Google will rank it higher. Play around with the wording of the title and try to have the keyword as the opening words in the title.

5. Optimize your dentist images

This is the key – Google cannot see or understand images like we humans can. Not yet at least. So make sure your images are well optimized.

A good trick is to get a photographer to take hundreds of images, have a logo at the corner and optimize them for keywords. If you’re in a well populated urban area, this will bring you hundreds of visitors. This is also perfect if you sell dentistry stock or equipment – just make sure to call to action and have the images display your details.

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