Why online reputation management is an crucial service in Canary Wharf?

online-reputation-management-canary-wharfOnline reputation management in London, UK is a crucial need for any of the big industries based in Canary Wharf, especially financial advisers and the financial sector in general.

In many sectors, reputation is everything and one shall guard it with his life – this is not an exception in Canary Wharf’s financial sector. Considering the competition for some services in Canary Wharf – it’s important that not a single bad review comes up in association to your name on Google.

Many times people work hard on developing a true sense of dignity and displaying it online, but some elements are not up to us. Haters or competitors might not have such standards and might purposely try to ruin your reputation.

Often times it’s miss communication with clients that will leave those bad reviews online. That’s where online reputation management comes in and it’s especially important in Canary Wharf.

Open network – online network

Canary Wharf, due to it’s size and the number of companies in the hub, is basically an open network – people know each-other and access to anyone is relatively low and easy. One can shoot a cold e-mail or go to the local pub to meet and network with the people working in this business hub.

As people follow up with their Canary Wharf colleagues, they usually tend to add them on social media sites and exchange e-mails.

Google is becoming increasingly aware of the importance someone you know plays on the results you see online. For example, if someone Google+ likes a website, this website will rank better for all the people in the persons circle. If you use Google Contacts you will find e-mail trail and contact details, only displayed to you, when you search someone’s full name who’s in the contacts you manage.

So – this applies to all of Googles products and especially products like reviews. If someone you know or have even just exchanged an e-mail with has reviewed a Google+ page, that will show up on the top of the results.

Now, of-course people don’t use Gmail e-mail addresses for business, but people do use Gmail as an e-mail interface. What this means is that even tho you’re communicating with addresses such as “name@CanaryWharfFirm.co.uk” at the other side, the person is using Gmail, mac mail or outlook.

Increasingly people choose to use the Gmail interface for their e-mail and that means that their Google account is that e-mail address you or your contacts have used.

To sum this up – a person who searches for a service in Canary Wharf, with the average 1,000-2,000 e-mails in his contact list, will see any negative reviews by his contacts. Imagine seeing “horrible service” as a comment from someone you know.

This scenario is very likely to happen, as everyone knows everyone in Canary Wharf and the pressure, the stress will often be put out online.

Online reputation management – the solution

The solution is first and most importantly provide a good service so that people don’t have to complain. After that, you get an online reputation management company in Canary wharf, such as ClickDo, to keep a track of what people write about you or your company online.


Online reputation managers basically monitor the web for mention of your business and uses tactics such as de-rank to make sure that any bad or negative reviews don’t show up on the front pages of Google.

There are various very clever tactics and tricks to use, even to remove the worst reviews on Google+ pages. Online reputation managers usually are at the heart of the SEO communities and know all these little secrets in and out.

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