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Penguin 4.0 is now running – Real time so all good and bad

The Google penguin 4.0 is now running real time. You probably noticed from the 2nd of September there was been some turmoil on the web with so much of shuffles and dancing for teh web pages. As a SEO Agency that consults for over 40 businesses in UK, we’ve been having a busy time answering business owners on what’s going on.  Honestly we saw shuffles on pages one and two, because majority of our clients websites ranks on Page #1 and mostly on top 3-5 spots with over a dozen plus niche dominations in UK money niches.

Is this Penguin 4.0 real time update is a Good one?

I believe this is the best move and I thought this was actually taking place from a long time now. Because we’ve tested backlinks by manually doing at money sites and manually indexing them, and we’ve seeing ranks going up or down in less than 2-4 hours of links being indexed. So I personally though that the Google penguins are running real time from end of the last year. That’s why we can do a better job as SEO consultants in UK.

With the penguin real time behaviors, there are positives and negatives, however web masters can conclude much quicker on what’s up with their backlinks. Basically Google says that “length of time between seeing Penguin changes will be roughly the length of time it takes to crawl and re-index a page.

What else with this Penguin 4.0 real time update?

This new update is so smart that, it will only hit for pages, if they use/get bad backlinks. So this is actually good. Your entires site wouldn’t get a hit, just that page will get the hit from wild penguin. I’m happy about this 🙂

The latest changes made the > Google Penguin as a part of their 200 plus ranking signals used in the Google’s core algorithm. So we could expect more frequent updates like this. All I would say if build a brand that does not shake. Give give give to your audience, buyers, people you want to serve with your website. Let them interact daily on your website. SEO is going to be a long term game from 2016. I knew this by 2014 17th October when the Google penguin update stuck at that time. That’s why I started to build an authentic brand for ClickDo. So you can see that why we hold tight and we are now conveying the message to our clients.

It’s about building a brand on the web that search engines loves. This maybe a costly investly, but it’s worth it once you gain your rank and people come to you to buy from you.

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