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WordPress has thousands of plugins and basic functionality for a website can be setup in minutes from starting. To help you, we have put together a basic guide for WordPress plugins.

Contact forms

  • WP forms – a very easy to use plugin for beginners, setting up is super-easy!
  • Gravity forms – a premium forms plugin that can do advanced functions and tasks.
  • Pirate Forms – a free and basic plugin that will get you a nice contact form up quickly.
  • Contact Form 7 – one of the most popular contact form plugins out there, used by many and it’s also free!


To add your Google analytics code to the WordPress website, we recommend the following plugins:

  • Google Analyticator – free plugin that lets you view the results right from the dashboard.
  • GA Google Analytics – cleanest and most simple Google analytics plugin to simply submit your tracking code.
  • Google Analytics Dashboard – very simple plugin that let’s you have the analytics panel right from the WP dashboard.

Google maps & teams

Google maps:

  • MapPress Easy Google Maps – super easy to use yet allows to add more advanced functions too.
  • WP Google Map Plugin – another easy to use plugin, comes with in-build graphics for markets so can be very useful for some websites.
  • WP Google Maps – a bit more on the advanced side, this map plugin has a paid and a free version and users can make a lot of adjustments and edit the plugin to fit needs.


This can come in very handy, especially to keep the websites responsive. These are our favorites:

  • Staff Directory – amazing plugin for managing your staff by dividing it into categories, with short-codes included!
  • Easy Team Manager – free to use and higly responsive – perfect for basic needs.
  • Team – similar as the one above, but it’s good to see different options to fit your design and user interface.

SEO plugins

As experts in SEO consulting, we can tell you that these are the only two WordPress SEO plugins you should consider:

Both are freemiums and the free versions do the job very well.

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