Quiesta: Optimization for the most comfortable pillows in the world


Quiesta-LogoQuiesta is an eCommerce website that is is providing the most comfortable pillows in the world. Also the website sells some of the best brands under their name. It was a great blessing that Jim the owner Quiesta found us online few weeks back decided to hire us as the digital marketing agency.

You can see how the Quiesta products pages are nicely arranged by Logesh on this page > https://www.quiesta.co.uk/collections/quiesta-sleep-mask-ear-plugs

There is the mechanism when it comes to doing seo for shopify website and Logesh Kumar is the expert in that. He knows how to do the perfect On Page SEO work that’s vital for long term ranks for such websites. Shopify websites ranks better when there are product pages that are arranged well and the presentation, matters.

Also the Quiesta is nicely picked up Google with the site links for the brand name and you can see that below:


The picked keywords are nicely rolling to the first page and we will share that soon when all the keywords have moved to the first page. The most important part is to build an authentic brand for Quiesta where it will become and dominant online pillows seller in the UK.

There are so many online pillow sellers in UK and the competition is very high, however done right and proper branding is done the website should move well to first page and ranks at the top spots the search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. For this website we will only focus on ranking on Google.co.uk as that’s teh place where poeple looks for online pillow sellers.

The social media optimization is a very important work for this project and the main social media channels are very active and you can see how:

We are letting you all know about those SEO projects we are undertaking as our journey towards 100 local business clients that we planned to serve by 2018. The brands we blog about and share are going to be the brands that we will serve with so much love and care.

I will publish and update about this project in 2-3 months when all the keywords moved to first page smoothly with the digital marketing work we do.

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