Increasing revenues by ranking and other ways to make money from Rio Olympics 2016


The summer Olympic games of 2016 in Brazil, Rio de Janeiro starts on August the 5th and finishes on the 21st. As a once in 4 years event, with massive coverage and worldwide viewership, with more than 10,500 athletes participating – this is a substantial event that will have impact on businesses all over the world.

In this article, we look at ways businesses can make money from this enormous event. Listed also are methods well skilled SEO professionals utilize to make temporary websites for great profits from the events.

Local search

As covered in our Euro and Ramadan 2016 article, search queries related to the event dramatically increase as the event arrives. Local search keywords, such as “Watch Olympics Central London” also become high search volume keywords, yet Google finds them low-competition due to the fact that they are seasonal.

local searches during the olympicsThere are other search queries too, that don’t include any related keywords but are indirectly made in association with the Olympics, such as “Sports pubs in Westminster“.

Entertainment is incredibly demanded and Olympics is just that – so if you’re in the pubs or services business, you definitely need to see how you can take advantage of the local searches and demand during the Rio Olympics.

Setting up sites for just the Olympics

People with great internet marketing and SEO skills are known to take advantage of all the sports events across the world by setting up temporary sites or driving traffic to their permanent sites. They usually cover:

  • Live streaming of the games
  • Links to live streams to watch the games
  • Information for people visiting the Olympics
  • Schedule for the matches and games
  • Fitness motivation and fitness information with the Olympic theme
  • Picture galleries

Sometimes people use existing social media platforms, like Facebook or Instagram or even Twitter, as temporary web properties for use of just during the event. Monetization depends on the type of contents – can be anything from information products to pure adsense ads.

The most common ways internet marketers monetize though is by advertising and sports betting is also massive during this time.

Existing blogs and websites usually also have sections of the site designed for just the event and they see massive traffic inflows if they have the web authority without much off-page SEO consulting work done.

Contents are the same, but usually guides to the event in hand and a program of the games or matches. With the Rio 2016 games, there are also major concerns with health due to the Zika virus, so we expect increased search queries in this area too – something health blogs should be taking an advantage of.


Other ways to make money online from the Rio 2016 Olympic games

Some of the other ways people are known to make money from Olympics and similar events:

  • Selling merchandise on Ebay – with every big event you will find merchandise being produced and people are keen to buy it even months after the event. In the case of the once-in-4-years-Olympics, even years. Ranking your eCommerce site for these keywords will bring great results, as will simply posting on Ebay.
  • Secondary ticketing – while the actual sales of the tickets can be in the grey area in terms of legally, there definitely is an increase online for information on how to get and where to buy tickets to events of the Rio 2016 games.
  • Service listing and advertisement sites – people that will travel to the Rio 2016 games will need accommodation, restaurants and similar services. Many of them will search for it online and the people ranking on top of these keywords can sell listing space to the local businesses.
  • Sports betting – this is risky and we don’t recommend it but people do make money from online sports betting. If you want to do it without the gambling aspect, sports bet trading is what we recommend.

Overall – the Rio 2016 Olympics will offer opportunities to many people from across the world in many fields and in all levels. It’s up to you to see if your business can benefit from the upcoming games.

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