Why SEO is a long-term game and is not meant for short term players


SEO is a game for local business owners and those who play as SEO consultancy experts try to rank websites on Google search engine.

Many think, or want to rank & bank as fast as possible.

The thing is SEO has changed vastly. Back in 2014-15 it was easier to rank a website with some direct backlinks from PBN (Private Blog Networks) but now in 2018, it’s a whole other ball game.

When I first began undertaking local SEO for business websites, I would look at the on page SEO factors, and then once that’s done, I would go about getting backlinks from blogs, mostly from blogs that are labelled as PBNs or just blogs that are built to get the SEO juices which support the budget.

Things don’t work like that anymore. You cannot have a low-quality website and expect to hit it with some backlinks to reach prime ratings on Google search engines.

Ranking on the first page of Google is a big deal, a game which takes time. You must build a brand and do the work for at least 12 months to rank competitive keywords which will have commercial value.

Things like user experience, page speed, website architecture, web hosting, page speed for multiple users, on-page time scores on Google Analytics and even Pogo stacking matter when ranking a website.

Google tests a website in various ways, if a website is thrown back to the second page what would happen? Would it suddenly increase in backlinks? How is it that when a website goes to the second page it gets more backlinks and even traffic… Aha! That’s some SEO guy manipulating the game right? So how can you as a business owner or local business consultant tackle that?

Do you have the patience to hold tight and climb back up to the first page?

To tell you the truth, in cases such as the one above, what you should do is increase traffic through social media channels like Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn and even YouTube. And if that traffic sticks it out on the website for a good length of time then Google will notice that this website has something good to offer and may be inclined to place it back on the first page.

Search engine optimization is time consuming but it’s totally worth it!

Up until early 2018 I ranked as #1 for the term “seo consultant”  for searches done from anywhere in the U.K ,but Google threw me onto the 3rd page, and then kept me on the 2nd page for a while, but now I’m back on the first page (I’m Still #1 for “SEO Consultant London” though).

So what did I do?

I waited, got social SEO juices flowing from YouTube and kept getting traffic from social media channels, because I was confident that my page was perfect and that it deserved to rank on the first page for the targeted keywords.

What would have happened if I went and got a bunch of backlinks?

I could have got hit badly!

When I tell business owners that it could take up to 12 months to consistently rank on the first page of Google, they think we are trying to BS them!

Dear local business owners, you must understand that on average there are over 300 local business websites in your niche if you are operating on the UK money market. And only 10 can have a spot on the first page. To get to that fist page and climb to the top, you need to do something epic and it takes time to do it well.

Hope this article gave you some ideas on how the SEO game works, and if you want to win you better be ready to play the game for awhile.

I’m the guy who ranked #1 for “SEO consultant in London” and even “SEO Agency In London” and it took me over 2 years of hard work to get there. But now it’s my game, and I think every local business owner should seek the same for their niche.

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Fernando BiZ
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