SEO training or DIY website optimization


SEO is the process of optimizing ones website to appear higher in the organic search results of Google for some keywords. SEO training is just simply that – training you to do it yourself or to provide you an understanding comprehensive enough to make the right SEO outsourcing decisions.

SEO training is usually in the workshop format – a live venue where you are given theoretical and practical knowledge by an instructor.

SEO training classes are nearly always smaller than this. And feel free to take your laptop!

What will you learn in SEO courses

The training usually covers mostly on-page tactics. You are given specific and easy to implement on-page tips to increase the organic rankings. Practical samples of the attendees websites can be used – showing what’s wrong and how to fix it.

Training courses sometimes goes into off-page optimization too, but this is mostly on a theoretical level, as off-page SEO training is highly complex and is changing too rapidly to give a small business owner the ROI he demands from training courses.

What exactly to expect from an SEO training?

First of all, SEO training is targeted at improving your website so that you can be better found on Google. Now this does not mean that you will instantly pop up on competitive keywords.

Ranking on Google is a complex process that can also be quite lengthy – depending on the competitiveness of the keyword. The training will cover this, so you can judge the proposals from SEO agencies better.

In terms of tangible results – seo training will give you the understanding and the instructions on how to optimize pages, what to ask your web developer to do and you’ll gain understanding on how up-to-date your website is.

In the long term, you can expect to learn to at least understand these things better and possible manage your own website marketing.

complex-SEOHow to prepare for the training

Usually these training’s are fairly basic, so there’s not much preparation needed. If the training is provided by an established SEO agency however, you can expect them to have a very solid expertise and to answer your questions on SEO – use this as a cheaper consultation and to gain insights.

If you wish to have some existing knowledge, we recommend reading the following articles from our blog on SEO training:

Anything else about SEO training

The training will also cover aspects such as:

  • keyword research
  • social signals
  • writing optimized contents
  • what are Google updates
  • should you use PPC
  • tools to use
  • monitoring results

An any of your questions!

Expect the training to last for 4-6 hours and the venues for most SEO training’s are in central locations.

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