Google Security Changes: https:// for your domain to be it a secure place for organic traffic to your money website


It’s been some time since people were thinking about should they get the https:// implemented on their domain? Now it;s going to be high time with the Google Security Changes that will take serious affects from next year. A lot of business owners, had thoughts but due the complexity of the task of applying the secured SSL certificates > https:// the domain they’ve been delaying or ignoring it. Recently one of our clients fci London, got SSL certificate for their domain and it’s starting show a great positive move.

Especially if you are running ecommerce site or takes payment from people’s card details, you may be avoid getting labeled as an unsecure website for people to visit from the Google. So time to quickly get the SSL certificate added to your domain/website. You can just Google SeekaHost and check for the SSL certificates over there and inquire from the team. SeekaHost is one of the sister businesses on ClickDo Ltd. so you will get the full assurance.

The reason is more and more people are using the Google chrome browser and the industry news and our research show that, when a person tries to visit a website from Chrome, they will get the “not secure” notice, if that website is collecting passwords, taking card details to process payments. I would say getting the SSL certificate on any website will become necessity, so add that up soon.

What is a SSL certificate and why you need it?

An SSL certificate will encrypt the payment card details, personal information like passwords and you can see a SSL applied secured site from the https:// icon in green on the browser at the start of teh domain name. So the educated visitors, knows that the site is safe and should be ok to visit. Keep in mind the people who can spend money will be more and more aware on this SSL certificate and will be looking for the https:// on your domains.


Above you can see how then ClickDo domain has the secured green color SSL certificate added to the website by Kasun and properly configured.

Also Logesh is very good at setting up SSL certificates and Wasantha also does the high end configurations for very old large websites, that needs carefully done SSL setup on their domains and properly redirecting teh old non https:// version to the https:// version of teh website. This a operation to be done very smoothly to achieve the proper results and also get some SEO advantages.

Read the case study of 69 drops Studio post on ClickDo, and the I have mentioned about adding the https:// to their domain and starting the SEO work. And the 69 drops Studio already ranks on SERP’s for terms like “photography studio”and even “photo studio” which I will cover on my nest case study on this page >

With that being said, if you are looking for below:

  • Make sure your website is secured
  • Visitors can ensure encrypted data processing on your website
  • To show the green https:// padlock on your domain on the browser address bar
  • And after all get more love from the Google and be trusty website

**It’s time you get the SSL certificate implemented on your website by an experienced expert who knows the job.

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