How to start an online business outside of big cities like London?


The world is full of nice and sunny places, places with little to no rain, kind people and a relaxed atmosphere. Yet 8 million of us choose to live in a place like London – volatile weather and ridiculously high living expenses.

It’s no secret thought – people come to cities like London for the enormous opportunities. These opportunities are often in sectors like technology, advertisement, finance and many more other sectors.

These opportunities are not present in other cities and therefore are the drive for people to move to London as outsiders in the first place.

Although personally I’d like to think that the world does run around London, there are of course opportunities in other cities in the UK.

Low entry barriers and start-up costs

A good business outside of London will use the fact that it’s simply cheaper to run it. The rents are less and even super-market foods are recorded to be cheaper.

Starting an online business, such as affiliate marketing or selling your own digital products online, has basically little to no entry barriers. You can buy a domain name for less than £10 and a yearly hosting account can go for less than £40 in some cases.

So for £50 you can literary be set to run your own business for a year. You might need some other software’s here and there or some products, so it’s safe to add £50-£100 to that initial sum, for a total of £100-£150 start-up cost for your digital business.

Digital business london

Now the trick is that running and getting any traction with your new website will take enormous amounts of time. You likely have to do a lot of learning, even before you commit to a specific idea for a website.

There will be a lot of trial and error for learning and understating what works and what doesn’t. After that, fulfilling the actual operations will take even more time. And you will still make mistakes – things are always changing and the trial and error never ends.

It’s very important to be able to have time if you’re serious about digital marketing business. Sometimes it takes years before you get enough experience to make any profits.

Most of us living in London can’t afford not to make any money for 12 months – the living expenses are simply too big. And there are other opportunities, potentially more fruitful, to chase.

Yet in many cities in regions such as the midlands, the living expenses are smaller to those of London and the opportunities are limited. A part time job will get you by and give you plenty of time to work on your digital business.

A digital business truly is one of the best option for entrepreneurship in regions outside of London. Sure – there’s quite heavy competition, but you can always find niches and there’s competition in all fields anyway.

The entry barriers for a digital business is enormously low and with the right work ethic there are fortunes to be made from your digital business.

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