Top 5 business industries in London that must utilize SEO before 2017


This article examines the top 10 industries in London that should be looking at utilizing SEO before 2017 due to an urgency of some sorts affecting the sector.

1. Social enterprise related services

Socially responsible companies are not the future of business, it’s the present as it’s already happening. The consumers are more aware than ever and demanding such changes. Financiers and resource allocation executives have already picked up with the impact-investing sector.

Social-Enterprise-SEOThe social enterprise sector became the thing to be for newly incorporated startups in 2015 due to a range of potential grants by governments and organizations. It hasn’t stopped and with many impact-investing funds popping up, social enterprises are likely to continue in their popularity.

With this movement, many new companies and services have been introduced. Grant applications and research is usually outsourced to consultants. Other related services are also demanded.

There’s still plenty of room in the social enterprises services sector on the search engine results pages – but the urgency is there.

2. Cyber-security

The recently stolen 272 million e-mail passwords show just how cyber-security concerns are becoming mainstream and a concern for everyone – the average person, businesses and governments.

Criminal activities are driving the demand in private sector and international tensions are driving enormous demand for the public sector as well. The US government is spending $14bn a year on a national cyber-security budget, with the UK being at £600 million a year.

So many guys like this are popping up all over the world!

The demand for these service is enormous across all levels of economical activity and companies are popping up to address these demands. There’s enormous urgency however, especially for corporate cyber-security products in London, to get in the gates of SEO and on the top spots before the end of the year.

The reason for this is that the sector is still developing and there’s still room at the SERP’s to get in now before cyber-security consulting becomes one of the toughest SEO niches on the internet.

3. Logistics

Logistics are changing quickly with the e-commerce platforms gaining popularity and most retail brands offering their own e-commerce sites. Even Tesco home deliveries are gaining enormous popularity.

The biggest concern and driver of urgency however is the rapid disruption of the human transportation sector with services like Uber coming in. Senior Uber executives have already made statements of looking into using the concept for transporting goods and packages for consumers.

This is already a reality.

The idea behind the expansion of Uber into logistics is that the concept is the same – moving things from point A to point B, be it humans or packages.

The possibility of new entrants in the logistics industry for consumer packages, combined with the general digital trends of consumers, simply means that the existing logistics companies should increase the strength of their SEO to hold their SERP spots and market share. The time to increase those digital entry barriers is now – before Uber makes an official announcement and takes the market share in the logistics industry.

4. Commodities related services

Most of the commodities saw their prices fall rapidly in 2014 and 2015 – we have all heard of the recent lows of oil prices. The low prices have stopped many production projects for these commodities and of course also the services across the value chain.

From commodity trading services to commodity production services – the consultants in these areas have seen their websites SEO been slow and the sites have lost their traction on the SERP’s. This is as their services have seen a decrease in demand, the search volumes have been lower and so the consultants have stopped any SEO related marketing expenses.

The good news is that the commodity prices are now picking up – oil has bumped from $28 per barrel to $50 per barrel in the last 3 months alone. Now is the time to take care of SEO for commodities related services, before the prices fully pickup and the SERP’s become competitive again.

Oil chart for the last 12 months.

5. Media industry

The print media industry has been one of the main industries hit by the disruption of internet industries. Many are turning to online publications and some are even shutting down their print outlets.

These guys are coming in to take your online traffic.

The idea of a newspaper is soon to die completely and so the newspapers are becoming digital – even if they face enormous competition, they don’t really have any other choice.

For the established online media outlets, this simply means that a lot of new entrants from the print media are soon to come in to aggressively try to take their market-share.

These websites will lack the authority however to properly compete for the traffic on the search engine results pages, so the existing outlets should be looking at stabilizing their SEO traffic and rankings in the coming years to make the entry barriers for the print media as high as possible.

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