Why Janay Harris Choose Social Media Marketing

I studied Sociology at University, which is completely different to marketing. However, after graduating I had to find a career path to follow that I believed would be most suitable for me. Therefore, I started doing various things to make the right decision, such as voluntary work and internships. Through being involved in both I grew a passion for marketing, particularly social media marketing. This then led me to start a career path within that sector to broaden my knowledge, gain experience and to also build connections with experts in the field.

Digital Marketing is very powerful within the world of business, as using various aspects of digital marketing can reach a mass audience if done correctly. There are a lack of individuals who understand how to achieve this, therefore I aim to help businesses gain an understanding through offering advice and providing them with digital marketing services, as the use of digital marketing has the potential to increase businesses revenue.  Therefore, the future looks bright for businesses in the United Kingdom, as there is so much potential for them to build their brands and make the most of great opportunities on social media.

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