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More Brand Outreach For Your Business Using Google Display Ads

What is Remarketing? Remarketing is the digital marketing strategy by using which you can target the users who have visited your website previously. You can get more brand outreach by using the Remarketing strategy. Google Display Ads are the best thing you can implement for your business to get more reach for your brand. You can ... Read More

How Digital Marketing Can Help Local Businesses in the UK

With so many large franchises in the UK smaller local businesses need to find the right way to stand out; this is where digital marketing comes in. there are many different tools and techniques for getting noticed by your target audience, making the most of what is out there. As a digital marketing agency that ... Read More

Conversion with Targeted Ad Group

If you are running Google AdWords campaigns, the easiest way is to optimise Ads on campaign level for conversions. But if you are looking forward for calculated ROI, you can optimise at an Ad Group level for even better conversions. Also, you can choose the Ad Group with more impressions and target them towards potential ... Read More

Metrics that Help you in Improving your PPC Performance

Checking your PPC Campaigns regularly and analysing the factors responsible for improving the performance and optimising them will improve the campaign performance over time. At ClickDo, we have it as a regular practice to check the campaigns every single day to make sure our clients get the best ROI! #1: Check you Bid Price for ... Read More

Google AdWords Device Bid Adjustment

Bid adjustments allows you to a modify bid and you can display ads more or less frequently based on where, when, and how users search. Why Bid Adjustments? Based on the various factors, Search ad performance varies on different devices like mobile, tablet and desktop computers. Including your business type, the bid strategy may change. ... Read More

Google AdWords Features that you Must Try!

Google AdWords new feature update helps you to improve an AD performance on every break. As a successful Advertiser, it is important to understand and implement all the useful features to run your paid campaigns and skyrocket results. #1: Extension Update: AdWords Promotion Extension was announced by Google as a beta version. Finally, Google has ... Read More

How PPC Display Ads can fetch Maximum Reach

Google being the #1 Search Engine in the Market, Running a campaign on Google is usually a good fit if you are having potential search volume in Google search engine. But, What if your product or Service is brand new to the Market? You can Run Campaigns for Related Keywords Let’s assume you are trying ... Read More

How PPC Works For Your Business?

What is PPC? Pay Per Click or Cost Per Click is an online advertising model which will directly drive traffic to your website. PPC is the online advertising platform developed by Google to let the business people drive more traffic to the business websites to gain more conversions. In Pay Per Click services, the business ... Read More