How businesses can utilize Google AdWords to facilitate organic SEO?


Well, SEO is a big deal nowadays, It’s not easy to budge the sites up to the top of the search results.

Even if you do so, frequent Google updates will let your business web page to drop for some potential terms.

google ppc for businessSo, To withstand the Google SEO fluctuations, you can choose the paid advertising campaigns like Google PPC.

This will help you bring in more conversions for your business.

Here let’s see more about how Google PPC works well for you when SEO doesn’t

Google Adwords for Business:

When your business fully depends on online sales. Then Google PPC will help you get more leads.

Even if your business website ranks in the top of the Google search for the potential terms, You may get only a few calls to your business.

The reason is that when the user makes any search in the Google, they will get the Google Ad results followed by map results and then the organic search results.

So Normal users tend to click on the Ads without scrolling down to the organic results.

This is the reason that you get very few calls for your business even though if your web page ranks on top of the Google.

ppc for businessGoogle PPC will help you get more calls for your business, You can target the potential audience who are looking for service from you.

Also, you can target the Ads based on location, language, time, etc.

This will help you to make only the potential buyers to visit your website.

Google PPC Vs. SEO:

SEO will help you to drive traffic to the website from the Google Organically.

But if you are starting a brand new website, then it will take some time to appear on the first page of the SERP.

SEO should be done in a very strategic way and as a business owner, you should be patient to get the best results.

google adsWhen you need quick results in SEO, well most probably it’s not possible. Hence as a business owner, if you are having a brand new website and if you need a good volume of traffic to your site from Google in a very short time. Then you can switch to Google Ads.

By using Google Ads you can get quality traffic to your site from the target audience. You need to pay to Google based on the number of Clicks that your Ads receive.

Based on your business and the keywords that you are targetting, the cost per click may vary.

When compared to the Google PPC, Though SEO is a long-term process, it will help you to get a good volume of organic traffic from Google regularly.

But in Google PPC, you need to pay to Google for every click that your website receives from the Google Ads.

google search adsEven if you need tons of sales daily, then you can focus on both the SEO and the Google PPC to rule the online business.

Not only Google Search Ads, as a business owner, but you can also even focus on Google Display ads to get more brand outreach.

Next, to Google PPC, you can get more leads from the Facebook Advertising, The main advantage about the Facebook Advertising is that you can target the custom audience based on the interest, job titles, etc.

In this case, you can use the Google Adwords to drive traffic to the website and increase the conversions.

As a business owner in London, If you would like to Setup the perfect Google Adwords Campaigns for your business. Then you can get in touch with me at for Google Adwords Setup & Training.



How PPC Works for your Business If SEO Doesn’t?


Well, SEO is the technique by using which you can rank the business website for the potential search terms and drive traffic to your site organically from Google.

You will get more leads for your business if your site ranks on top for the potential search terms,

But SEO is the most dynamic thing which makes it even tougher to maintain the ranks of the websites in Google.

If the rank suddenly drops for some potential terms, then the conversion rate suddenly drops. Here let’s find some solution for this.

how ppc works for businessHow PPC works well for your Business?

PPC (Pay Per Click) Services is the paid advertising platform developed by Google to help the business owners to get more clicks for their business website.

When the ranks of the business website drop suddenly, then its time for you to bring the Google PPC to get more leads for your business.

Even if you are starting a brand new website, then initially it will be tough to gain some quality traffic to your site.

But, by using PPC you can get quality traffic to your brand new website by spending some considerable amount.

Different types of PPC Ads:

Google Adwords helps the business people to get more traffic and leads from the Google Search.

That is the business people will need to pay for Google only if any of the users clicks on the Ad to visit their website or call their business.

Google Search Ads:

Google Search Ads are normally displayed on the Google SERP when the user searches for any particular query.

These search ads even have many types like call only ads, etc. Call only ads are displayed only on the mobile and tablet devices.

When the user clicks on the call only ads, you will get the direct phone call to your business from the Ads. This will make the users to get in touch with you by without visiting your website.

ppc for business

The normal search ad will make the users to land on the specific page for that particular service. This kind of Ads will help you to drive traffic to your website.

Google Display Ads:

Google Displays Ads is normally used in the Remarketing purposes. That is the ads about your business will be displayed in the form of banners and in other forms in the other websites.

Users who have visited your website previously will see the ads about your business in the other websites.

These kind of Ads will help you get more brand outreach and get more sales indeed.

Hence if you are a starting a brand new website for your business, you can try with Google Ads to get some leads initially for your business.

Once your website gets matured on the Web, then you can optimize it to rank well on the Google SERP for the potential terms.

ppc for businessPPC Works When SEO Doesn’t:

Well, SEO is not stable these days and some sites tend to drop suddenly which has been ranking well for the past years.

Hence, Bringing the Google PPC into the action for business will help you get more conversions for your business even if the site doesn’t perform well on the Google SERP.

The main advantage about the Google PPC is that the turn around time is very quick and hence you can see the results instantly.

Being a business owner, you should be capable of adapting to the latest trends in the online marketing to get more conversion for your business.

PPC is one such thing which you can give a try for your business to get more leads.



More Brand Outreach For Your Business Using Google Display Ads


What is Remarketing?

Remarketing is the digital marketing strategy by using which you can target the users who have visited your website previously. You can get more brand outreach by using the Remarketing strategy.

Google Display Ads are the best thing you can implement for your business to get more reach for your brand. You can increase your sales by more than 50% with the help of Remarketing.

More Brand Outreach For Your Business Using Google Display Ads

How Remarketing Works?

Users may land on your website from different sources. They may not avail services from you when they visit for the first time, Hence you should promote your brand when the user leaves the sites without purchasing. This is done by Remarketing.

By integrating the Google Remarketing tag in your website, you can keep track of the users who are visiting your website. Later by using this data, you can show the Ads about your business by particularly targetting them.

google display ads

Where will the users see your Remarketing Ads?

Say if the user visits your website and then after some time he/she is surfing through some other sites. You can show your business Ads on the other sites where ever the user is going.

Even by using the Google Display Ads, you can show the Ads on the Apps, Article Sites, etc.

Benefits Of Google Display Ads:

  • More Brand Reach
  • Increases the Conversion rate
  • Retarget the users by Remarketing
  • Increase the traffic to the site
  • Reach customers through several platforms

When your website receives more traffic from Google Search organically. Then you can use the integrate the Google Remarketing tag with your website and can retarget the customers using the Google Display Ads.

Remarketing suits for all the business, particularly if you are running an E-Commerce business. Hence its time for you to unwrap the Remarketing strategies for your business and increase your sales.

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How Digital Marketing Can Help Local Businesses in the UK

With so many large franchises in the UK smaller local businesses need to find the right way to stand out; this is where digital marketing comes in. there are many different tools and techniques for getting noticed by your target audience, making the most of what is out there. As a digital marketing agency that have personally controlled many different aspects of a local companies digital marketing, here are some tips that can help you;

Get Involved on Social Media

With a multitude of social media platforms that businesses can (for the most part) use for free, there is no reason to not get involved. You can easily see you target audience and redirect your customer base to your website. The importance of this is that with so many local businesses around, you need to show how and why you are different, and why they should choose your company over another.

Facebook is amazing for sharing a timeline of what is happening in your company, share blog posts and even share promotions that are happening in-store or online.

Instagram is another site that is very popular today, especially for 18-35-year olds, so if this is your target audience, make sure you take the opportunity to dive in. This platform is for picture and video sharing, so if you sell products, take some high-quality pictures that are appealing to the eye and come up with a witty caption to get people interested. EXTRA TIP: don’t be too ‘sales like’. Most people browse social media as a hobby or for entertainment, they want to see something nice, not be attacked with constant adverts.


It is a known fact that if people what a product they go to a search engine like Google, this is because they get a few options to choose from. However, only 8% of people will ever go past the first page on google, and the number lessens more as the search page goes on.

Making sure your website is perfected and is not only user friendly but also search engine friendly will greatly help with SEO (Search Engine optimization). Google wants to show pages that are interesting (Google Ranking) so make that decision simple for them by having an amazing website.

Why am I telling you this? Well once you have your brilliant website ready, SEO is going to get you to the top 3 results on google using the expertly chosen key words that people are most likely to search for. This puts you above the competition in your area, bringing custom to your local business instead of theirs. Your search will be on the organic listing, so there is no ‘AD’ sign next to your webpage.


Pay Per Click (PPC) is like SEO in some ways, however it is the none organic way of doing things. There is a search auction held for certain search terms, when these words or terms are search in your area your ‘AD’ will appear on the top of Google above the organic searches. There can be many advantages to this strategy such as, if the search term that you wish to use is very cheap and there isn’t too much competition, you wont being paying much for what could aid you company. This could however mean that the search term is not very popular, so you may not get much traffic from using it.

Another plus to this marketing strategy is that you only pay when someone clicks on your AD, which is why it is called pay per click. This means you can work out how much having one person visiting your site is worth which can make it easier to control you budget for digital marketing, especially for a smaller local company.

These strategies are important to the growth of a local business, especially when you are trying to separate your business from others. Check out our website by clicking the button below for all of these services and let us help you to grow your business on the online sphere today.

Conversion with Targeted Ad Group

conversions on Adgroup level

If you are running Google AdWords campaigns, the easiest way is to optimise Ads on campaign level for conversions. But if you are looking forward for calculated ROI, you can optimise at an Ad Group level for even better conversions. Also, you can choose the Ad Group with more impressions and target them towards potential people who search. This might be a challenging one, but once the changes are done, your conversion increases drastically.

  1. Once after logging in to your AdWords account, select the demographics tab. In demographics section at the right corner, you will have a download symbol, click download. Before downloading, make sure your conversion tab is enabled. Because this helps to compare your demographics data with past conversion data. Download the file in .csv format.
  2. Now, upload the file (.csv) in Google sheets or open it using Microsoft Excel. Wait till the sheet is loaded completely. Once sheet loaded, filter the conversion column in descending order. This helps you to analyse and find the best performing Ad Group.
  3. We can now create a New Ad Group by using the age range that performs best. Then, we have to find on which device this AD Group performs well. To do this, go to your analytics account.
  4. On your analytics dashboard, based on the age range find which device helps in converting the most.

How to find Demographics?

  • Analytics -> Audience – >demographics -> age. Then Change All users to paid traffic.
  • Change secondary dimensions -> Device Category.
  • Now you can view the best performing device.

Also, if you want to know your best search queries, you can change secondary dimensions to search queries. This shows best search terms for that age group.

Now we know the best performing age group, device category, and search queries. We can create a separate Ad Group based on this information. This helps in targeting the ads towards your potential customers.

If you don’t want to create a new Ad Group, edit the same Ad Group with the information gathered. Thats it!

Metrics that Help you in Improving your PPC Performance

Digital Marketing - PPC Optimisations

Checking your PPC Campaigns regularly and analysing the factors responsible for improving the performance and optimising them will improve the campaign performance over time. At ClickDo, we have it as a regular practice to check the campaigns every single day to make sure our clients get the best ROI!

#1: Check you Bid Price for each Keyword:

If you are spending money on AdWords to increase your ROI, then it is important to track your campaign performance every day with respect to CPC (Cost Per Click). Check on the bids, clicks, Average CPC, Keyword Performance and Conversions. After analysing these factors, you should change your bid strategy, increase or decrease your Max CPC and Budgets for your campaign. Even after analysing your keywords, you can update & create a negative keyword list and update the list regularly.

If you are running search and display ads for the same account, then maintain a separate Campaigns for each type of advertising.

Weekly Task to be done:

  • Check the money spent Vs ROI
  • Review CPC for efficiency and compare with Quality Score
  • Optimise the Keywords and Ads (Logical AdGroups)

Improve the Campaign Ads’ Relevancy

If you are not performing this test weekly, then you should re-evaluate your approach in AdWords. Based on your review schedule, the bidding options vary. For instance, you should be monitoring the campaigns daily if you utilise the technique of Manual CPC.

Checking Bounce rate:

Checking bounce rate is another important metric. Bounce rate refers to the number of users visit your Website and leave without taking any action. This indicative values differ from one niche to the other.

There are various reasons why people drop off after visiting a Website. Hence check your page design, conflicting options, CTA, Load Speed of landing page.

Conversion rate:

The more you understand about your users who engage with your website and the users who convert, you can target them better on the marketing channels.

Location: Where the user located, whether at the national, regional, DMA, city or IP level.

Device type: The user’s device, includes desktop, tablet, and mobile or designating the correct operating system, ranging from an iPhone 7 to a Windows 10 PC.

Demographics: Include the user’s age, gender, occupation and more details.

Google AdWords Device Bid Adjustment

ppc adwords bid adjustment by clickdo

Bid adjustments allows you to a modify bid and you can display ads more or less frequently based on where, when, and how users search.

Why Bid Adjustments?

Based on the various factors, Search ad performance varies on different devices like mobile, tablet and desktop computers. Including your business type, the bid strategy may change. For instance: Some businesses purely depend on mobile, some on a desktop, hence optimising bid based on the device that brings more leads and drives more traffic is important for a successful business.

Of course, these modifications are done manually for every campaign in Google AdWords based on the insights that we gain by running the campaigns for a certain amount of time. This is the reason why Clients (or) Business owners opt-in for Professional service providers like ClickDo. You can modify the campaigns based on event triggers available in Google AdWords. We also have the facility to automatically increase (or) decrease bids based on the current market trends that AdWords help us identify!

The device bid modification alert for Google AdWords, suggests changes to your bids over various devices to guarantee optimal performance.

Bid Adjustment Alert:

There is 20 min bid adjustment tool, which can be added to your optimisation workflow for better results.

How does this work?

On a weekly basis, the Bid Adjustment Alert will recommend either a raise or a drop to a campaign’s bid for each targeted devices such as Mobile, Tablet & Computers. The main goal is to drive major (converting) traffic by choosing the right ad budget to the best performing devices. Also, decrease the budget to a less performing device.


Device bid adjustments is an excellent way to optimise campaign performance across various devices. Hence make use of these tools to increase your leads and drive more quality traffic.

Google AdWords Features that you Must Try!

use new google adwords features

Google AdWords new feature update helps you to improve an AD performance on every break. As a successful Advertiser, it is important to understand and implement all the useful features to run your paid campaigns and skyrocket results.

#1: Extension Update:

AdWords Promotion Extension was announced by Google as a beta version. Finally, Google has released the update recently. Before this feature update, we were forced to use headline and description for promotion share. This promotion feature update helps you to modernise promos. While sharing a discount code, these extensions will help in your CTR’s Skyrocketing.

The Benefits of using Promotion extensions enable you to manage your business’s sales and promotion up to date. Headlines and description can be optimized to raise ad relevance and you don’t want to take leading performers out of the rotation. Your holiday sale on the search network doesn’t come at the price of reduced Quality Scores and higher CPCs. Thus the Promotion extension helps you in maintaining the headline CTA.

#2: Variation of AD’s:

While thinking of modifying the AD copy for better performance, you can utilize the Ad’s variant to identify which Ad works best!

Unfortunately, A/B testing has been tough to do for ages as it requires tons of effort, time and energy to be spent. With ad variants, managing this split experiment is a easy. Now we have got a new ad variant tab where you can handle your AD test and make alternatives fast.

Within this AD Variants Tab you can utilize the following:

  • Locate and substitute certain keywords in your ads
  • Renew entire text elements (headlines, description, display URL)
  • Modify your headline texts.

#3: Intent Audience:

As per Google new feature called Custom intent audience, you can use machine learning technique to examine your current campaigns and auto-generate custom intent audiences based on the frequent keywords and URLs located in content that people surf while examining a given product or service. These Skynet-created targeting options, you can also generate your own custom audiences utilizing a sequence of URLs and keywords.

How PPC Display Ads can fetch Maximum Reach

Google display network

Google being the #1 Search Engine in the Market, Running a campaign on Google is usually a good fit if you are having potential search volume in Google search engine. But,

What if your product or Service is brand new to the Market?

You can Run Campaigns for Related Keywords

Let’s assume you are trying to sell a Product B. This product will work with a Product A. So, you will have a better chance of getting a good reach towards to your target audience when you advertise the product B when people are actually searching for Product A. Provided, Product B works with Product A.

A Real Time Example,

Assume you are trying to sell a Flip Cover for “Samsung Galaxy Note 8”. You can actually advertise the product as one among the ads listed in the search engine when a person searches for “Samsung galaxy note 8” – As in Phrase Match Type.

How to utilise the power of Display Network?

Display network actually works well if you are launching a product / service thats brand new to the Market. Provided, people actually do not search for it.

Display network has the power of utilising images, gif and short videos (in case of YouTube). We can target audience using the demographic informations thats available based on the user’s profile and data collected by the search engine in real time.

Let’s assume the same case, a user is reading an article on “How to connect OTG Cable to Samsung Galaxy Note 8”, this means the person actually owns a “Note 8” phone. Hence, he is a super targeted audience. All we have to do it to create an attractive image ad, target the keyword (or) domain in which the articles are present.

Once the targets are set right, we can start pushing the ads in a targeted fashion to the users.

If you want a custom Re-Marketing Setup for your business, get in touch with us.

How PPC Works For Your Business?

What is PPC?

Pay Per Click or Cost Per Click is an online advertising model which will directly drive traffic to your website. PPC is the online advertising platform developed by Google to let the business people drive more traffic to the business websites to gain more conversions. In Pay Per Click services, the business people need to pay for Google only if the user clicks on the ad. Using PPC, the business people can able to target the more potential customers in a short period of time based on age, gender, location, etc.

Where will your ads be shown in Google and Whom you Target in PPC?

Your PPC ads will be shown on search engine result page. In PPC, you pay to Google for each click. Depending on how much you pay your ads will be displayed either on top or bottom of Search Engine Result Pages. The ads position may vary based on the quality score of the ad. CPC (Cost Per Click) of your ad will reduce when you have a high-quality score. The quality score denotes how the ad text, keywords, and the landing page are relevant to the user searching for.

How much should I pay?

Depending on where you what your ad to list in organic search result you pay. And it is completely your wish to decide how much you want to pay to Google for displaying your ad. How much you pay completely based on the keyword for which you need to display ad.

ppc services londonWhen should I pay?

Once your PPC campaign is set. Google will start displaying your ad in the search engine result page along with the organic listing but either on top or bottom or right side of the SERP. You will pay only if the user clicks on your ad which is listed on SERP.

ppc servicesWhat is SEO and PPC?

SEO and PPC aim is to get traffic to your website. But PPC is an advertising module to get traffic to your website and as the name indicated you pay to get visitors to your website. And SEO is an organic way of the ranking website in SERP and it is free. You can get more traffic to the website only if you rank your business website in Google’s SERP either organically or by using Google PPC. SEO will take long turn around time to rank your website in the Google’s SERP whereas by using the technique of Google PPC you can make your website to visible in Google SERP in a quick period of time. Thus to get more quality conversions to your business both SEO and PPC will help you in achieving the target.