Google AdWords Device Bid Adjustment

ppc adwords bid adjustment by clickdo

Bid adjustments allows you to a modify bid and you can display ads more or less frequently based on where, when, and how users search.

Why Bid Adjustments?

Based on the various factors, Search ad performance varies on different devices like mobile, tablet and desktop computers. Including your business type, the bid strategy may change. For instance: Some businesses purely depend on mobile, some on a desktop, hence optimising bid based on the device that brings more leads and drives more traffic is important for a successful business.

Of course, these modifications are done manually for every campaign in Google AdWords based on the insights that we gain by running the campaigns for a certain amount of time. This is the reason why Clients (or) Business owners opt-in for Professional service providers like ClickDo. You can modify the campaigns based on event triggers available in Google AdWords. We also have the facility to automatically increase (or) decrease bids based on the current market trends that AdWords help us identify!

The device bid modification alert for Google AdWords, suggests changes to your bids over various devices to guarantee optimal performance.

Bid Adjustment Alert:

There is 20 min bid adjustment tool, which can be added to your optimisation workflow for better results.

How does this work?

On a weekly basis, the Bid Adjustment Alert will recommend either a raise or a drop to a campaign’s bid for each targeted devices such as Mobile, Tablet & Computers. The main goal is to drive major (converting) traffic by choosing the right ad budget to the best performing devices. Also, decrease the budget to a less performing device.


Device bid adjustments is an excellent way to optimise campaign performance across various devices. Hence make use of these tools to increase your leads and drive more quality traffic.

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