Most common dental advertising strategies


Dental marketing is becoming tougher with different options available and a wave of new dentists coming into the market.

These are the top dental marketing advertising strategies utilized by dentists across the UK.


radio-advertaising-dentistsRadio advertising for dentists reminds a popular option, especially in small rural regions of the UK. Also common if you’re targeting the elderly. The cons of this type of dental ad is that it’s quite pricey.


newspapper-advertaising-dentistsAnother great offline dentist advertising platform – newspapers. Many of the elderly still read them and so do even young people in urban areas, with free newspapers such as Metro and the Evening Standard in London.

Newspapers allow dentists to advertise coupon codes and other promotions, so although it can be quite pricey, the returns seen from this type of marketing for dentists are great.

Offline catalogs

On to the last offline marketing tool for dentists – yellow page type of catalogs. People are increasingly looking for services based on location and there are also plenty of catalogs for just a region in a city or a borough, that provide a great opportunity for dentists to gain local clients.

PPC (pay per click)

PPC, also known as paying to Google to be on top of Google, is a very common advertising tool for dentists. The problem is that it’s very pricey. People prefer to click on the organic results. Just 6% of clicks goes towards the paid ads, the rest are organic clicks.

The dental industry is also becoming incredibly expensive and competitive for the PPC clicks, some goes up to the price of £10 per a single click.

Search engine optimization

SEO-for-dentistsSearch engine optimization is the process of organically ranking for the top spots and is an incredibly demanded service by dentists across the UK. ClickDo are SEO consultants in London specializing in this service.

There are many reasons why this is becoming one of the best marketing tactics for dentist and you can read plenty of reasons why on our blog.

Social media

Facebook advertising is becoming incredibly cheap and people are spending enormous amounts of time on social media. As a business owner, it’s your duty to be where people might be looking.

Facebook is not the only social network, there are many. Dentists and business executives across the world have done some creative approaches to their advertising.

Overall, social media is one of the best advertising strategies for dentists. It is relatively cheap, requires patience and the returns for your practice can be massive.

Newsletters and offline mail

Advertising is not just about getting new clients, but also reminding your existing ones about yourself. An efficient method for dentists is doing so by a newsletter – it’s basically cost free and a good way to promote promotions.

Another method is good old mail. A leaflet in an actual letter will stand out from all the other unconsolidated leaflets and if you include your main dentist names, people might actually look forward to reading the leaflet.

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