Google AdWords Certification: All You Need to Know About Being A Certified PPC Player

What is Google AdWords Certification?

The Google AdWords it’s a professional accreditation that you receive if you express proficient knowledge of how Google AdWords works. What that means is that you have to complete at least two different tests. First test that you have to complete. its fundamentals of Google AdWords, in this test you will be tested on how to correctly manage and improve basic AdWords campaign, that’s the one that appears on Google when you search for a key word. The second test you can choose from; search, display, shopping, mobile and finally the one that I have chosen video advertising.

How to take the test?

If you want to complete the tests, you can use the exam study guide that Google provides. Or if you are like me, and you prefer to learn from video, you can watch videos on YouTube where people from Google teach you how to pass the exam. The test itself it’s quite complicated, as there are multiples right answers but you have to choose the one which is truest. The other thing it’s that the tests are quite lengthy, each one of them it’s 120 minutes long, so if you want to pass all the tests, you might want to do it on different days, as those test are quite time consuming. When you complete the exam you will receive a link to your certification, that looks like this. if you have any questions regarding the exam, don’t hesitate and contact me on

Why to be Google AdWords certified PPC player for local business in UK?

the PPC it’s something that you can spend a tons of money on, and still get very little in return. However, if you know how to correctly manage the clients account you will actually get them very high RIO, and that’s exactly what we want to achieve at ClickDo. We are helping business owners to grow their business and get them as many costumers as possible.
The other advantage of being certified, it’s that it creates instant trust between you and your client. Clients just want to see that an expert will be managing their AdWords campaign. And if you pass the exam, that’s exactly what you are.


If you are heavily interested in learning PPC management you can complete the test for yourself, however if you need someone with experience to manage your PPC campaign you can visit or email directly to me:

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