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SEO consultancy update- last week of February

The last week of February is here and I have a weekly update for you. This week has been very strange as Google has been shuffling rankings, but that did not stop me and my colleagues at ClickDo headquarters to deliver the best SEO services possible. The past week I’ve been creating a great amount ... Read More

December Update at ClickDo Ltd. by Michael Dorazil

It’s beginning of December, and it would be a strange beginning of a month if I haven’t got a great plan for it. I finally warmed up at the ClickDo’s headquarter at Canary Wharf, and I’m ready to start managing my own projects for our clients. As for December, I will be fully responsible for ... Read More

Google AdWords Certification: All You Need to Know About Being A Certified PPC Player

What is Google AdWords Certification? The Google AdWords it’s a professional accreditation that you receive if you express proficient knowledge of how Google AdWords works. What that means is that you have to complete at least two different tests. First test that you have to complete. its fundamentals of Google AdWords, in this test you ... Read More