How to add products to your Google My Business Listing?

Google My Business products listing builds more confidence among local searchers. Added products are available in GMB dashboards and visible to local search interfaces. Some of the business owners are not aware of this feature. So, I planned to write a guide on how to add your products and services on Google My Business to build your confidence that your products are listed in a right place, which helps to expand your local business.

Who can add products to Google My Business Listings?

If you can see the products tab on the left side of your Google My Business dashboard, then you are eligible to add your products to the Google My Business product listing. If you miss this category, then you can’t upload the products on Google Listings.

Here you can add whatever promotes your business in a “products” option in your dashboard. This option is suitable for all small businesses to large-sized businesses.

The “Products” option is only for adding a product. So, don’t include any other listing here.

In case, if you are owning a restaurant business, then add popular dishes from your menu and showcase your special offerings for marketing. Here you can choose the service option in a dashboard instead of products. Google will automatically delete if it sees services options in a products list.

Google My Business Product Listing? A step–by–Step Guide

Before you start listing your product on the Google My Business dashboard, to keep all products in the right format without missing any terms, create a separate and spreadsheet and fill out all fields

  • Product Image
  • Product Name
  • Description
  • Category
  • Price deatils
  • Call to Action Button
  • Source Link


Step 1: Create an Account on Google My Business and sign-in

Sign in to your Google My Business account and check your dashboard for listing all your products by clicking the “Products” tab on the left side of the menu.

Products listing in GMB

Step 2: Get started with GMB

After clicking, the pop-up will open and show you how many people have seen your listing for last month and promoting you to add your products. Here click the “get started button

Get started with product listing

Step 3: Add your products

This brings you to the wizard for adding your products.

adding products wizard

Step 4: Add Images

Start to add a product of image resolution 1200 x 900. Always try to add the original image of your products rather than adding any graphics or images from the free sites. Next, select the name for the product that will overlay on the product’s image.

add product images

Step 5: Give Your Product Name

Each image carries a specific name. Name the product with any code or simply name it according to the product detail.

adding product name

Step 6: Create a product category

Add some categories related to your business So, this will appear in the drop-down menu box whenever you have added products to your listing. You can also create new further categories while adding a new product.

create a new category

Step 7:  Add product price details

Now, add the price for the products you have added. You can either add a single price or use an option to add a minimum and maximum price range for your products. While adding a price, don’t use any symbols or letters. If you frequently change your pricing, then leave this column empty, or else add the price details to your products.

adding price details

Step 8: Add a product description

Add a description of up to 1000 characters. It may be optional but try to utilize this feature to talk more about your products. Give a short description of your products.

Give product description

Step 9: Add call to action button

Select any one of the call-to-action buttons from the choice of Learn More, order online, Buy, and Get Offer to bring your customer from Google My Business to your website. Add your website link to the button.

call to action button

Step 10:  Save button

Take a glance and check all the details are right and hit the “save button’. To make your product appears on your dashboard.

click save button

Final Words:

All small and large businesses will benefit from spending some time On Google My Business products listing. To get your products list to appear on local search, then Google My business product list is the best option. This will help to seek your customer’s attention on your brands and products.

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