How to Create a Winning Blog Content Strategy?

How to Create a Winning Blog Content Strategy

Only a good blog can drive more organic traffic and increase the brand awareness of your business. Also brings more new customers and helps you to become experts in your niche. To create such a blog, all you need is an effective blog content strategy that helps to achieve all goals.

In this article, we will cover

  • What is blog content strategy?
  • Need for blog content strategy
  • Steps involved to create blog content strategy

What is a blog content strategy?

A blog content strategy is similar to the business strategy, a plan or vision for a blog to create content on the right path. A blog content strategy will guide you towards achieving your goal.

Simply a blog content strategy is the integration of business goals and content strategy.

What is a blog content strategy

Need for Blog content strategy

Overall, more than eight million blogs have been published every single day. But only 10 % of blogs get monthly organic traffic.

Without a clear content strategy, you just end-up up creating a blog just for the sake. Creating a blog post without targeting for traffic and the growth of the business is just a waste of time.

An effective blog strategy will help you to get more than 90 % of business growth from the blogs.

Let’s discuss how to create such a blog for your business with an effective content strategy.

Need for Blog content strategy

Steps involved to create blog content strategy

Follow our step-by-step guide to building a strong blog content strategy to improve your business growth and to get more traffic to your webpage.

  1. Define the need of creating a content
  2. Know your competitors
  3. Effective keyword research
  4. Build a content plan
  5. Create a unique blog identity
  6. Track your growth

1. Define the need of creating a content

Before defining the metrics of creating a blog think about for what purpose you creating a blog? The answer to your question gives you the right way for creating a blog content strategy. Put it together into the content sentence and let it shine through the entire blog.

For example, if you are building a blog for a photography site, then your blog’s purpose may be to help people who are searching for seasonal photographers or candid photographers. Also, you can add some photography tips and guides to using photography tools in the right way.

Define the need of creating a content

It is very important to set “why” to maintain a blog content strategy on the right track.

2. Know your competitors

Knowing your competitors is enough to create inspiring blog content for your website. It brings all competitive keywords and brings more traffic. Check your competitors and their content as well to know for which keyword they are ranking for. It helps to create ranking content.

Research for two types of competitors, that is

  • Business competitors
  • Content competitors

Business competitors

Business competitors are the brands that offer a similar service as you do. Business competitors are easy to identify. Check your competitor’s blog to know their best-performing content that has more organic search.

To check your competitor’s blog performance using Ahrefs 

  1. Enter your competitor’s domain name
  2. Go to the Top pages report to see the organic traffic

This report from Ahref helps to find the ranking keywords and topics. Repeat this same for your other business competitors.

For us, SEO related domain name is our competitor,

Business competitors

Content Competitors

Content competitors are the sites against you’re in an organic search, they compete you with the organic keywords, not in a business sense.

To find your content competitors with Ahref

  1. Enter the keywords
  2. Check the related match shared by other domains

3. Effective keyword research

Now you know how to find your competitors, next it’s a time for keyword research and to explore what your audience is searching for you on the internet.

Before starting writing a blog, find your keywords. Write down the main target keywords and relative keywords and start writing a blog.

Keyword Research

For example, if your business is related to the coffee shop, then your customer’s search will be like

  • Chocolate coffee
  • Espresso
  • Caffeine
  • Cold coffee
  • Hot coffee
  • Coffee

For more about keyword ideas check this blog: 

4. Build a content plan

Build a content plan for your blog with the below metrics

  • High traffic potential
  • Ranking difficulty
  • High business value

Build a content plan

5. Create a unique blog identity

Consider your blog as your brand identity and define your blog in a unique way. Choose a unique style and make it easy to recognize by following

  • Effective visual guidelines
  • Writing strategy
  • Templates

6. Track Your Blog Growth

After having a blog content strategy for your blog, you need to track how that strategy is working. For that, you need to track your blog performance.

Google Analytics helps to track the success of your blog.

Final Words :

Whatever you are creating to display on the internet via your blog post should have the right plan to reach the right audience. For that, you should understand the importance of blog content strategy to create winning content for your blog.

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