Grow your business online with videos in 2019

If you want to grow your business online, build a strong brand and get more customers, you need to make and post videos on your social media channels and website.
Read this article and pay attention to it. I’ll uncover the most important video statistics, facts, myths and some tips for you.

Cisco has projected that more than 80% of all Internet traffic will be video by 2021. Hurry up or else you’ll find yourself way behind your competitors.

Do you know the number one website on the Internet all the users go to? Yes, it’s Google. And do you know the second one? Youtube. When you cook and look for the recipe. How many of your kids watch fairy tales on Youtube every day? If you want to buy an iPhone, you go on Youtube. When you need some motivation for your day – you go on Youtube. The list goes on.

You don’t have a Youtube channel? WHY?

5 billion videos are watched on Youtube every single day. Only “How-to” searches on YouTube are growing 70% year over year. (Search Engine Island)

Youtube does not only gives you free attention to your videos, but it also helps SEO to get the backlinks to your website. Let me ask you something because you are also a consumer of videos on a daily basis. Would you rather read 5 pages long pdf file or watch a 1-minute video? Do you trust a customer review when you actually see and hear a person or when you just read the text?

According to Forbes, 90% of customers are saying video helps them make buying decisions.

When we say ‘a picture speaks a thousand words’, it’s double for a video [at least]. If you own a small business or you’re an entrepreneur, you can get to people easier than ever. Well you already know that, but do you actually take advantage of it? Posting photos are not enough anymore.  

Viewers retain 95% of a message after watching it in a video, compared to 10% when reading it in the text. (Wirebuzz)

The video is everywhere, and the point is that people – your potential customers are used to seeing video everywhere. So when they see your website or social media, it is weird to them that you don’t have a landing page video, or that you only post pictures and text.

76% of businesses reported an increase in traffic due to video. (Wyzowl)

You’ve got your customers, maybe not millions but they buy your products/services from you so show them what you do and how you do it. Explain, talk to them. Post. Every business should have an introduction and or promotional video about who they are, what they do. Make yourself more approachable and actually start a relationship with them by making a connection with them through video.

Want to hire someone?

A creative recruitment video will get more attention and you can target it precisely on Facebook, so only the group of people with the age/location/qualifications that you look for is going to see it. Great news for HR! You will get ‘rid off’ unqualified people. It will save you time and trouble.

Of course, you want more clients! Product videos are the most popular videos on the Internet, hand in hand with demo and explainer videos. People are more likely to buy the product online when they can actually see it and ‘test’ it through someone else’s experience.

It happened to me few times that business owners always agreed with me that video is very important and maybe the only medium in the future. There’s no advertising without a video. The content is more engaging etc.. However, did all of them actually start making videos for their business? No. So what is stopping them?

Maybe they think if it costs thousands of pounds and they can’t afford it. There are two things wrong with this. The first one is that nowadays, there are so many video agencies and freelancers, that are more and more skilled. So if you find the right people to work with, you can afford it, trust me. Secondly, you don’t only need a video maker but also a video expert first of all. Someone who gets to know your business and tells you exactly what kind of video will help your business the most. On every platform, you’re using.

This is not a game of one amazing video

…that will sell you thousands of products for 10 years. You need to post videos every day and you have to do it yourself as well. Put your face out there, talk about your brand, show you’re passionate about it. People are attracted by other people passion.

You have to show everyone your passion and you have to do it through your videos, stories on Facebook and Instagram. Show them your satisfied customers, your production or how your service looks like. Do you say you don’t look on camera, or it is embarrassing for you to do it? You don’t like your voice? Etc…. You can watch my video, where I give you some tips to overcome it and become good at it.

Everybody feels the same, also some of the most successful actors/actresses are feeling uncomfortable to see themselves in the movies. This is no excuse for you if you’re a business owner or someone building your brand. This is the game of the 21st century, this is the game of social media. You have to put your face out there if you want to succeed. In anything.

A great example of how to break social media is Will Smith. I know, I know, he’s famous and all. But he was always social media shy AND he’s 50 years old, so there really is no excuse for you anymore, no matter who you are.

Will Smith created his Instagram in 2017, currently, he’s got 27,5M followers and 90% of his posts are videos. Don’t think it’s easy for him to get himself millions of followers because he’s famous. Social media is current, people follow people who are current. So he got himself a Youtube channel to support it as well and completely broke down the social media.

If you want to start making videos and taking advantage of this day and age, which our grandparents could only dream of, when they started their business, here’s what you can do:

Do it yourself

Basically, all you need is a smartphone, you can film your products, you can do some vlogs and just put it online the way it is. This is the easiest and cheapest way, it’s very good to start. But then you have to step up your game because the video content on social media is getting better and it’s looking better. The quality of videos, especially the right editing to create a catchy video that keeps the viewer engaged and interested is very important.

Hire a videographer/video editor

You can hire someone who will edit the videos that you shot throughout the day or of course they will come and film you themselves. But as I mentioned before, it’s important for you to post every day. So you do the work as well. We can edit your videos, we can make you explainer videos, GIFs, photo collage. Anything that pumps up your social media and catches the attention of your buyers.

Don’t think that you need a huge budget for one video. Video production is not cheap but you can try to cut some costs, with for example using your employees or yourself as an actor. Or if you locate the shoot in your office/company, you will save money on renting office space.

Either way, don’t wait anymore and start now. Not tomorrow or next week. Start today. Get in touch with ClickDo, we’re excited to help you with your videos. Let’s create something great together and step up your game!

How to maintain online reputation for your Brand?


Every business owner should make sure that their brand has a good online presence. As the internet usage is increased by the users in the recent days. It’s always important to maintain the online reputation for the business.

Here let’s see some smart tips to maintain the online reputation for your business in the best way.

maintain online reputationOptimize your website:

It’s always important to take care of the business website and optimize it to look better and perform better when the user lands on the website.

Business Website remains as a medium to showcase to the target audience that what you are offering.

Website UI, Content and the performance of the website in the search engines will have the significant effect in the conversion rate.

Optimize your Social profiles:

Having well optimized social media profiles will help you get more reach for your business.

online reputation for the brandShare the regular updates on the official social media profiles to keep the users engaged. This will help you get more reach.

Even if you are starting a new business, you can use the Facebook Advertising to get likes and shares for the posts from the custom targeted audience.

Create official business profiles in all the social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Twitter, etc.

Even having company profiles at platforms like Medium, Quora will help you get more reach for your brand online.

Keep sharing the regular updates daily on the social media profiles, this will make the new users to follow your page and keep the existing ones engaged.

Earn Positive Reviews:

Being a business owner, without the positive feedback from the existing users, its always tough to take it forward.

Get good online reviews for your business, even though if you have some poor reviews, sort out the issue and reply to them.

Having good online reviews for your business will help you get quality customers from online.

Not only Google reviews matters, Give importance to other sources of reviews like CrunchBase, etc.

Having a good number of reviews from the wide range of websites will help you get new customers.

Even at times, you may have negative reviews due to some unavoidable reasons, In such cases, you can solve the customer’s issue and can reply to them

Even big corporates will have some negative reviews, but it depends on how you work on the client’s issues and make them sustain.

positive reviews for brand reachE-Mail Newsletter:

Be in touch with the existing customers, Send them weekly/monthly newsletters and keep them engaged with your business.

Sharing quality contents to the users will make them to be engaged with your business for a long time.

Send seasonal offers through E-Mails, this will help you to get more conversions.

This will make the customers to be in touch with you. Even this will bring in more sales for your business.

Thus these are some of the few tips to maintain the good online reputation for your business.

facebook advertisingPaid Advertising:

Use Facebook Advertising to get good reach for your latest blogs and new services.

By using the Facebook Ads you can target the customers who have visited your website previously and also the people whom you may think are the right audience.

Facebook Ads helps you to target a wide range of audience based on the user interests, job titles, etc.

Hence as a business people, spend some bucks in Online Advertising to get good brand outreach and keep the customers engaged with your business.

We at ClickDo Ltd help business owners in the UK to get good online reach for their brand. For Facebook Marketing or Remarketing services just drop a mail to, Our Expert team will get back to you with the Business plan.


How to Engage Customers on Digital Space with Ads?

Your Business Visitors

Driving customers can be a challenging task in the beginning when you are getting started. But, once you get a perfect SEO / Digital Marketing Team – It is not a challenging task for your business to drive quality customers towards your business website. The challenge is how to keep them engaged once you get them for the first time on your website?

1. Re-Market Quality Content to Website Visitors

Once you get your customers on your website, you should never do the mistake of promoting your products directly to them over Re-Marketing. You should first of all show them some value. You should help them and guide them based on their business requirements. Consider the below flow:

A user visits your business website -> We track them with Facebook Pixel and Google Re-Marketing Codes -> We give them “valuable content” on the ads -> User gets more trust on Brand -> We now try to Promote Products / Services.

A Pictorial Representation of the User Flow:

Your Business Visitors

2. Do Not Promote Same content everywhere

Promoting the same idea and concepts all over is no longer a viable method of promotions. You should have some diversity, even from colour selection. Consider a user has Visited your “SEO Consultant” Page. If you show him the same advertisement of “SEO Consultancy” everywhere, there is no logic in promoting as the user has already seen the content.

Hence, the best is to show him ads like:

  • “SEO Consultancy”
  • “Where you can learn more business insights on SEO Industry”
  • “How you can grow your business with SEO”
  • “Different concepts and ideas for effective Search Engine Optimisation”

There is also another way to solve this puzzle. You can promote different services to the same user and it will save a lot of time in setting up your campaign. But, it is not as effective as you setup the campaigns with content population and branding, which actually has very high impact and will prove to give an ROI thats highly cost effective.

Why Facebook Posts mean a Lot?

Having your facebook page updated every day is vital to get a good brand image for your business. In other words, people who look at a brand will definitely look for reliable and quality updates on the page. You should always avoid sharing about politics or current news on your business page as even your loyal customers will have difference in opinion when it comes to current news.

To get this work done, you should always have a fresh pool of resources whom you can depend on & get quality content for sharing and engaging your customers. You can check our CEO’s (Fernando) Facebook Page: to get a better understanding on how to make use of Social Media!

Your Social Media Presence on the Web

Sharing the same content on different social media accounts are now old fashioned. You should have a creative team to take care of this activity if you really think you need to scale up your business. This in turn will require different content to be prepared for different social media sites like – Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn.

Facebook and Twitter might require more engaging content when compared to LinkedIn and Google+ which required more Professional Content to get the right response.

Conclusion for Digital Space!

If you are exploring the digital space, you should definitely hire a professional agency who can do everything for you. If you need help, you can always get in touch with us and get a free consultancy!

Quora Marketing Strategies for Traffic Growth (Tips)


In this post, I’m going to be showing you the best Quora marketing strategies for traffic growth and brand awareness.

Quora may be the most underrated platform today for marketing.

You can drive a ton of views to your YouTube channel with it and build an epic brand.

I have personally done really well with Quora.

To be honest…

…it’s actually really hard to drive traffic to your website with Quora.

Not many people will click through your links.

After creating a ton of posts on Quora and getting nearly 300,000 views on just one of my accounts…

…looking at the Google analytics, not many people went to my site through the Quora platform.

What should I use Quora for?


I would recommend using Quora for 2 things…

  1. Brand awareness
  2. Driving traffic to your YouTube channel.

You may be thinking, “How come you can get a lot of views from Quora to your YouTube channel but not websites?”

You see, YouTube videos can easily be embedded on Quora answers and it’s easy for users to watch YouTube videos.

They don’t need to leave the platform to do it.

How do I use Quora to drive traffic to YouTube videos


It’s super straightforward.


You need to create an authoritative and legit looking Quora account.

You don’t want a Quora account that looks like it’s full of spam… and adds no value.

Keep this in mind: The more value you add to Quora, the more you get out.

It’s kinda like a bank… you need to invest first and then get your money out.

Go ahead and fill out the…

  • Profile picture
  • Bio
  • Credentials
  • Knows About

The profile picture can be an image of you or your company logo.

Make sure you carefully craft the bio. You want people to recognize you as an authority in that topic.

Fill out the “Knows About” section. This is literally just adding the things you know about.

Here’s what my profile looks like…


I went a step further and linked back to my blog.

Let’s move on to the next part and answer some questions…

In the Quora search bar, type in something that you have created a YouTube video about.

For example, I’ve created a YouTube video on how to rank on Google.

quora search results

Next, go ahead and click a relevant question and answer it!

Make sure the answer is helpful and actually… answers the question.

Don’t think to yourself, “What’s in it for me?”

Try to genuinely help people.

When you answer the question, make sure to write a little about the question and then paste in your YouTube link.

My answer looks like this…


How do you get your answers ranked above the other answers on Quora?

It’s actually pretty simple…

To rank on Quora, make sure your answer is longer than the other answers, it’s helpful advice and get’s upvoted.

And there you have it.

This is how you drive high-quality traffic to your YouTube videos and grow.

How do I use Quora to build my brand?

It’s actually really straightforward for you to build your brand on Quora.

You build your brand on Quora by answering lots of questions.

That’s it!

I know… it’s really simple but that’s how you do it.

You see, when you answer questions, your name and image will also be there.

So as time goes on, people will keep seeing your brand and they’ll get familiar with you.

They’ll see you as an authority in that subject.

Quora Hack


You’re probably thinking, “Oh my God! I’m going to have to write so much content to create my brand on Quora!”

You’ll be pleased to know there’s no need to kill yourself creating a ton of content.


You can copy and paste the content from your blog onto the Quora answers.

Use quotations marks (” “) and link back to the content you copied from.

That’s it!

You’ve got a ton of great blog posts on your website, why not make the most out of them?

Find questions on Quora that your blog posts answer.

For example, if you’ve got an anime blog and you did a blog post on the “Top 10 Anime of All Time”.

You could find questions on Quora like:

  • “What are the top 10 anime?”
  • “What are the top 5 anime?”
  • “What are the best anime shows of all time?”
  • “Which anime shows should I watch if I’m new?”
  • “What’s your favorite anime show?”

You could rack up a crap ton of views with this simple strategy.

Check out one of my Quora accounts…

Quora answer views

I literally just took a screenshot of this profile whiles I’m writing this post.

I don’t remember the last time I wrote an answer on this profile but it’s still racking views.

Once you’ve posted a decent amount of answers, they’ll keep getting views as time goes on.

You’ll notice a snowball type effect.


So these were the best Quora marketing stratedgies for traffic and building your brand.

I hope you enjoyed these tips and this will help with your SEO since you’re creating links.

Do you want to learn about ranking on Google?

Check out the SEO Blueprint.

Why You HAVE to start Your Digital Brand in 2016

First of all, let me start with a bold statement – a special announcement. I seek to inspire 100 people to start their own online brand in 2016. I know it´s a big goal, but fuck it. Get 2 people in Feb, 4 in March, another 4 in April… 20 in Dec and we come to 100.

So Look, we are already all doing it on social media: FB, LinkedIn, Twitter etc. Having your own digital brand is basically the same as FB, but instead you have control over the framework (like WordPress etc) and get more scale.

Which people will benefit the most from having their own digital brand:

1) All small local businesses; Cafe, Bar, Restaurant, Painters, Shops, practically all small business will benefit from a digital brand online. How? People use Google search more and more, new people in town will use it, people who are dissatisfied with their service so far will use it. They might even walk into your business and then make research online before they decide to acquire your services.

2) Next, if you are a freelancer: video production, graphic design, music production, writer, photographer – ANY freelance; you ABSOLUTELY have to have an online brand. It also makes it easy to have all your work (portfolios) online.


3) Maybe you´re just someone who´s unsure on what exactly to do. That´s fine. However, it´s always better to start your online journey in advance as it will help you to connect with the right people, influencers, mentors, employers, potential clients.

A few side thoughts, won´t expand on them but they will hopefully make sense:

When people need to research about people, they do a Google search. What does Google search say about you?

A well-built personal brand in the digital economy is the future virtual face of the person

OK, so hopefully you decided you want to start you own online brand. It might feel overwhelming, but it´s actually very simple, you can have your website up and running in a matter of few hours. However, there are mental blocks that keep us away. Now let´s talk about some common obstacles that might try to stop you from achieving:

Obstacles that Stop you from Starting


1) “I´m not ready yet.” BULLSHIT, who are you kidding? How many times have you already said that? As always, the time to start something is right now. The more you wait, the more opportunities you lose.

2) “I Don´t have money”. Really? You can get a domain plus hosting for like 20$ PER YEAR and if you use WordPress you can develop your site yourself in a matter of hours, for free.

3) “What if it doesn’t work out?” What if I fail? We´ll, to be realistic, that´s always an option. I had and still have those thoughts some of the time. Fuck it, take a risk, or stop complaining. Haha.

4) I dont have the knowledge, I´m shy in front of camera, People will judge me negatively, they will say this and that about me. Well, it´s true some might. But you forget a lot of positive encouragement comes along the way too. So fear not!

So those are excuses that people think stop them. Let me add something that really messes people up as well: “No dedication in adding value,” You won’t succeed in just publishing 2 articles for example. There must be consistency and hard work over a longer period of time.

Here´s a video with amazing shots from NYC, to add visuals to text:

If you lack initiative, we can help you. Reach out to me for WordPress training or life coaching, or get your website done here at ClickDo. If you need a domain, then you´ll find best price and service at SeekaHost.

So look. There are plenty of reasons on why to start. There are obstacles as well. But if you have a strong enough why, there is absolutely no reason why you can not make it. It´s easier today than in any other time. All you need is a computer and a pair of “cojones”. Now get to work 😉