How to Provoke Crazy Emotions in Copywriting to Persuade Clients

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So, you have a killer digital marketing strategy that promises to expose to you a massive audience. Your social media, Facebook, PPC ads, SEO, and others strategies have Hulk-like strength. The company is hungry and determined to grow and to start selling your product or service. The product is amazing and it’ll bring a lot of people value. But, you need it to be sold. How exactly do you do that? Of course, your product has a lot of features and benefits but there hundreds, maybe thousands, of other businesses similar to yours. How do you stand out from the rest?

Trigger people’s emotions so they melt in the palm of your hand. Why? Read on.


How to Provoke Crazy Emotions in Copywriting to Persuade Clients

Do you wonder why our favorite films or books are our favorites? Sure, the story may be compelling but what does it really do to us?

It makes us feel emotional.

They put us in a rollercoaster of emotions that keeps wanting more. It’s mesmerizing to read or watch something and have our emotions be spiked up and down. This is basic human nature to have our attention drawn to things that trigger our emotions. Do you understand the ridiculous power of this when it comes to copywriting in business?

People buy products and services based on their emotions – not just the product or service itself. Therefore, it’s of the utmost importance that you write compelling copy that persuades and influences audiences into your potential leads and into conversions.

How? Let me show you.

Use Your Audience’s Biggest Frustration

I briefly touched upon this in a previous post. One of the best copywriting techniques to use in order to influence your audience is to pick a problem and make it bigger. Essentially, I’m telling you to frustrate your audience. Doing so, will make your audience feel anger and make them think of the problem even more. Why do this?

Picking at the problem and making it bigger makes readers want the problem to be solved. And who has the solution to help them? That’s right, YOU.

After having the problem become bigger in the mind of the audience, you show empathy and then show a solution: your product. Doing this will make your drastically raise your audience’s interest. Triggering anger and frustration will also make them want a solution FAST. How fast do you think they’ll click your call-to-action button after that?

You can tactfully use the PAS technique. Also, you can use trigger words that bring out frustration and anger.

Tell A Story

I mentioned in a previous post that one of the best things to do when it comes to selling your product is to make it seem like you’re not a salesman. Being too salesy seems manipulative and will put the audience’s guard up. You need to relate to your audience and connect with them on another level. How do you do that? Tell a story.

This is when your buyer persona is expertly used. Tell a story or describe a situation in which your target audience can relate to. This shows a level of empathy, sympathy, and connection that can create loyalty in your potential leads. You can show your audience that you understand what they are going through and that you know how to solve the problems that they are facing.

Showing your audience that you understand them lessens the salesy-vibe and makes you more human and caring. Tell a story that inspires them, pulls at their heartstrings and invites them to use their imagination.

Your Product Will Create Happiness

Everybody wants to be happy. In your copy, long or short, you have successfully been able to bring out any number of emotions so now your audience is glued to your ad. You have mentioned the problem that they are probably having and your product is the answer. Now, before they press the call-to-action button you must make them imagine their life with your product.

Write about how your product can change their lives. Tell them to imagine their lives if the problem was solved. Mention how stress-free, more relaxing, and better their well-being could be if they could only have your product. Who doesn’t want that part of their lives solved and taken care of? To save time, money, lessen the headaches, and the frustration. What can do all that? Your product.

This will make your product appear much more attractive and can influence them to buy it almost instantaneously.

Create Scarcity To Make Audiences Take Action

Make your readers move fast. Put the idea in their minds that they’ll be missing out if they don’t purchase your product. This is a powerful copywriting technique because it brings out fear and the “fight or flight” reaction in our brains. Doing this will make your reader feel worried or doomed if they don’t act fast and buy your product at that moment or sometime soon. How do you do this?

  • A limited time offer – create a deadline for your product, telling your customer that the product, special offer, or the price will change soon.
  • Limited quantity only – Tell your readers that your product or service is limited and they must move fast or they won’t be able to purchase and experience what you’re selling.

Whatever you do, make your reader feel like they are missing out. This puts fear in their brains and can have them acting fast. This can rapidly boost your conversions and you can see a whole new level of success.



Our emotions affect how we act. One of the best techniques in copywriting is learning how to write compelling, intriguing, and interesting copy that makes people FEEL. People buy based on their emotions – not just the product or service itself. These are only a few ways to trigger emotions and influence people for more conversions. Want to learn more? And do you want to killer copy written for your business so you can get the most conversions and sales possible? Contact ClickDO for a consultation and see how we can boost your business’ website traffic and success.


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