Facebook Re-Marketing: When is the right time to do?


Remarketing is the way of retargeting the customers who have visited our website previously. Facebook Remarketing is the best way to increase sales.

Here let’s see some smart ways of getting more conversions to the business with the help of Facebook Remarketing.

facebook remarketing for businessGather Customer Data using Facebook Pixel:

Facebook Pixel is the small piece of code which when integrated on your website will keep track of all the users who are visiting your website and the Facebook Id associated with them.

By using the Pixel data, you can retarget the users on Facebook with some offers and discounts.

This will make the users to make the purchase from you.

When is the right time to do Remarketing?

Facebook Remarketing with huge offers during the festive time or during any important local events will help you get more sales.

facebook remarketingNormally, more people will be in a plan to make some purchases during the festive times and special occasions,

Hence, providing good offers during these times will help you get more sales.

It’s not a myth that Remarketing only during the special occasions will bring you more sales.

Usually, Remarketing will always help you to increase the sales by more than 30%.

But, during the festive times, the conversion rate will even be higher.


Provide Seasonal Offers:

Normally the users will plan to buy some products during the festive times, Hence promoting the business during the festival facebook remarketing for businesstimes with the seasonal offers will help you get more sales.

Users will compare the prices on many websites before making a purchase.

Hence, it’s important to target the potential audience with the very competitive deals.

Facebook Remarketing with the seasonal offers will help you to increase the sales by more than 60%.

As a business people, try to provide the offers for the very short period of time, This will tempt the users to make a purchase quickly. Having offers for the long term will not help you to increase the sales.

For Example, Retarget the audience who have visited your website previously like Christmas Offers, New Year Offers, Month End Sale Offers, Give Away Offers, etc.

Even at the end of every month, you can promote with the special deals to get some sales.

Does Remarketing Suitable for All the business?

Remarketing is well suited for all kind of businesses, There is no myth that it is suitable only for product-based businesses.

facebook remarketingIt will help you get more sales even for service-oriented businesses.

Facebook Remarketing will help you get more brand outreach and will also help you to keep the potential audience always engaged with your business.

Even you can run remarketing for the latest blogs that you have updated on your website. This will help you to increase the traffic of your business website.

Remarketing will make your brand to be known by many people. Not only the Facebook Remarketing, Google Remarketing will also help you get more brand outreach.

Thus increase plan strategically and increase the sales with the Remarketing.

Double Your Sales:

You can easily double the sales by the Facebook Remarketing, the only thing you need to consider is that calculate the profit margin and offer quality deals based on that.

Keep your offer period very short and really crush the Ads to the target audience during that time.

Short term offers will make the customers to take quick decisions.

As a business owner in the UK, you can get in touch with the ClickDo. We have Facebook Remarketing specialists at ClickDo, who will set up a perfect seasonal Remarketing campaign for your business to increase the sales.



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