Social Media Engagement and ROI For Your Business

The social media platforms get expanded, it directly impacts the number of internet users as well. It will be a false statement if someone says smartphone users are not a freak for social media. Every smartphone users’ app usage lists tops with social media, which truly can’t be avoided at some point in everyone’s life. In such case, social media engagement had played a huge role in both personal and business purposes. These social media engagement for a business is measured with various metrics that depends on the motive of the business and the audience they would like to reach. Here, Let’s discuss on how you can measure the metrics and ROI for your Business,

Metrics To Consider For ROI Through Social Media Engagement:

  • The Goal of Your Business:

    • Increase brand awareness for your business and get an identity based on the Unique Selling Point of your service/product. It is based on the number of followers for your business and the like-minded audience around them.
    • Gain some traffic through social media platforms, which you can track through Google Analytics. In case, this traffic can be useful for remarketing purpose. If possible create a dedicated landing page and convert them into a lead.
  • Time Taken:

    • Once a goal set for your business, the streamline the work which has to be processed one by one. It is similar to designing a software where you develop module by module to result in a final product.
    • The time taken includes selecting best of your product/service and strategy you are building around it to enhance the audience engagement towards your business.

social media engagement for roi


  • Choose a campaign:

    • There are two different campaigns, one is to reach the audience based on the interest and another one is to reach the audience who already shown interest towards your product/service.
    • The first way is direct marketing and the other is remarketing. A new business must start with a direct marketing campaign to get the exposure, whereas some experienced business can start with targeted marketing and can soon get into remarketing as they have a high/regular flow of audience into the website.
  • Understand the Audience:

    • When you run a campaign understand the audience at where they engage a lot or what type of content they actually expect from your business.
    • The type of content can be text, image, video, infographic, sample showcase, customer review, owner review, etc.,

We at ClickDo have specialised consultants for each marketing platforms, who dedicatedly work for that platform, starting from strategies build to lead flow to your business.

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