10 Dental Marketing strategies every dentist in the UK needs to know

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With so many dentists to choose from in the UK, digital marketing will make it easier to attract new clients, retain current clients and build a thriving business.  Here are 10 dental marketing strategies that every dental practice needs to know, and with the help of an SEO agency you can implement these strategies to reach your goals.

  1. Have a mobile compatible website and high conversion rate

Soon mobile traffic will account for nearly 60% of internet traffic. Don’t miss out on this traffic. Ensure that your pages load fast and present well on a mobile. If your site’s not easy to access by mobile, then prospective clients will go to your competitors’ sites. Additionally, make sure your contact number is prominent to aid the conversion rate to sales.

For example, take a look at the ClickDo website home page from a mobile and see how the contact number is highly prominent. This allows for better conversion rates.

  1. Fast loading pages

Google and other search engines favour fast loading pages, as they know searchers appreciate a fast page as its more time-efficient. Also when searching for a dentist, people will like procedures, contact details, fees, reviews and other information to be clearly presented and easy to access from the front page of your website.

  1. Social Media

From your webpage have links to your social media and blogs. A Facebook page provides plenty of interaction such as answering customer queries, promoting any charity fundraising and competitions, and any family/ group dental deals for example. You can use several platforms, such as Instagram for pictures and gifs, twitter for small announcements and YouTube videos to provide visual appeal.

  1. Create and upload videos to YouTube

Create informative videos introducing your team and clinic, showing dental procedures and oral hygiene tutorials. Some video ideas could be the correct way to floss, a filling procedure or how braces are tightened; these can lead to thousands of views online. Good lighting and high quality editing can really make a difference to your videos too.  Videos are rich in information, intriguing to watch and can especially help those who are nervous about dental treatments to feel more at ease.

Have a look at this video created by Bostjan Belingar for ClickDo Media for a better insight into how we can help with video creation.

  1. Share your story

Explain how you started your business and your reasons for choosing a career in dentistry. This will help you connect with people on a personal level and it builds trust with clients when they know more about someone providing a service. A small biography on your career and background will be a small addition with a big impact.

Here are some top keywords for dentist/ orthodontist, from Google keyword planner, in London. 9,900 searches for dentists are made in London and 1,600 searches for orthodontists are made in London. It’s vital for your dental practice to attracts some of this astounding traffic.

London dentist/ orthodontist keywords
Keyword (by relevance) Avg. monthly searches Competition Suggested bid
dentist  9,900 Medium £4.21
braces  6,600 High £2.57
orthodontist  4,400 Medium £3.44
dentures  1,600 High £2.51
fillings  320 Low
professional teeth whitening  320 High £1.89
  1. Use Google local optimisation

Target your local area so people nearby can find you and conveniently come to you. Register on google local business so people can leave reviews and ratings, find you easily on google maps and there will be a good summary about your surgery and all relevant details in the results page.

  1. Pay per click (PPC)

Although it’s not free, PPC can be great for dentists if someone has a dental emergency. If a prospective client has a broken tooth or painful toothache they won’t have time to scroll down the search results page, reading reviews and prices. They are very likely to pick the first paid ad at the top.

  1. Create infographics

Infographics will help you portray compact information on all things dental. Dental facts and advice with graphs and images will look great on an infographic. If it’s colourful, easy to read and informative it could go viral.

  1. Start a dental blog

Use your blog to post informative and fun articles about anything relating to dental health and procedures. Some ideas could be the top 5 electric toothbrushes, or different types of braces and what foods to avoid if you have sensitive teeth. This enlarges your presence online, provides information for clients and links to other relevant pages giving high quality dental advice. Have a look at this blog post from Angel Smile dental practice for some inspiration.

  1. Images

Your images need to attract customers by looking bright, professional, appropriate and friendly. Have a gallery of before and after pictures of any cosmetic dentistry. Have pictures of staff and the clinic too. Have a friendly picture of your dental practitioners with their post-nominal letter qualifications clear to see. Again this enlists trust, puts people at ease and portrays you as reputable.

Dentist searches are high for other UK cities too

Birmingham dentist keywords
Keyword (by relevance) Avg. monthly searches  Competition  Suggested bid 
dentist  880 Low £1.96
braces  590 High £1.63
orthodontist  390 Medium £3.23
dentures  140 High £1.98
fillings  70 Low
professional teeth whitening  30 High £1.58

In Birmingham, 880 searches are made for a dentist and 390 searches are made each month for an orthodontist.


Manchester dentist keywords
Keyword (by relevance) Avg. monthly searches  Competition  Suggested bid 
dentist  590 Low £2.25
braces  390 Medium £1.10
orthodontist  260 Low £3.21
dentures  110 High £2.85
fillings  20 Low
professional teeth whitening  20 High £1.24

Manchester, another major city, gets 590 searches for dentists a month and 260 for orthodontists.


Leeds dentist keywords      
Keyword (by relevance) Avg. monthly searches  Competition  Suggested bid 
dentist  390 Low £2.55
braces  390 Medium £0.95
orthodontist  170 Medium £3.35
dentures  90 High £1.80
fillings  20 Low
professional teeth whitening  20 High £0.82

In Leeds, dentist and orthodontist searches made are 560 a month combined.

Furthermore, if you want to know more about improving your dental business, do get in touch for a chat with one of our friendly and professional SEO consultants. All that’s been said and much more can be used to make your SEO journey worthwhile, efficient and, most importantly, successful.

Have a look what Dr. Fariba had to say about the ClickDo Dentistry marketing we did for her Orthodontic practice in London.

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