AI and Voice Search in SEO: Alexa and Siri

Voice Search In SEO

The growth of internet market has seen an exponent change, which sometimes ends up to be positive and sometimes not.

In recent times, the business owners and the marketers had seen a positive evolution through the latest technologies, which includes voice search and artificial intelligence. This evolution got bigger when the users change their mindset from the big screen(desktop) to small screen(smartphones).

In such progress, the perspective of SEO has raised its vertical peak over time.

Let’s discuss on how the technologies like Alexa and Siri introduced by big giants Amazon and Apple has given the wide view of the marketing industry.

Google Voice Search AI

How Voice Search Changed the Market?

As discussed, every business has seen a huge difference in the number of users from desktop and smartphone users. So, the smartphone environment has never seen a downfall in usage when compared to desktop. This wide range of usage enables the access to users to engage through voice search AI technology. The process is simple when a user asks for a query to the device, it will reply back with results with the assistance of AI like Siri and Alexa.

Though, the Amazon’s voice search – Alexa will provide the results only which looks to be authoritative and proven. The search through google voice search is reliable as always since it provides the top search results which are highly relevant to the search query.

The combination of AI and SEO can only bring the best out of it for voice search results, that are relevant to what the user search queries expect. The mind-blowing effect of artificial intelligence, data collection and data labeling tools make it a reality.

Google_Voice Search

What the AI Assisted voice search will do in Future?

It is because the AI voice search is itself a future for every business and marketers. The business/marketers have to ensure that all their platforms are integrated one with the other to make the things easily understood by the search algorithm. It most importantly includes integration of Google My Business and Your Website, where all your details mentioned appropriately.

Though the voice is changing the mind of the marketers, the ultimate goal is the same, which is providing rich content to the users in any form. At end of the day, you need to be on top of the SERP to get resulted in voice search as well.

Local Friendly Search Results through voice search:

What makes more easy for the search users is that the results they get in as expected around them. If the users are getting results as local businesses, then they will tend to expect the same through voice search. The AI integrated Voice Search devices are always built with the motive of providing relevant, accurate and real results in the result.

The SEO persons will wonder how it will likely work out for them to optimize for various local business at their place. The point remains the same for voice search when comes to SEO for local business, where they must possess Google business listings, local and user-friendly content with awesome designs for user interaction.

Voice Search With AI For SEO


Why Alexa and Siri are Marching towards Success?

With Cortana and Google Assitant is making efforts for some good results, the place of these AI is making difference from Alexa and Siri. Leaving the former two aside, let’s concentrate on the core voice search AI we are taking at this stage. The Alexa and Siri make the best AI Voice Search of the most with SEO being the considered highly. The combination of AI and SEO can only bring the best out of it for voice search results, that are relevant to what the user search queries expect.

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