The Rise of Animated Videos on Social Media

In a Digital World where a users attention span is no longer than a gnat’s eyebrow, it is imperative that your content grabs their attention the moment the user presses play.  So how do you make an impression on your audience, when you are one of

8 billion videos being watched on Facebook everyday?

5 ways you can use Animated Video for your Small Business 

1. Home-Page ‘Explainer’ Video

This Video Created by Realty Ninja​ for their new website explains the new visitor what the service does. It’s great because people don’t like to read long explanations​ about services. ​ An ‘explainer’ video often takes a less formal approach via a case study that the viewer can relate to. ​ It illustrates what it’s like to use the service rather that describe​ features and benefits. ​ And the results? Studies show that home-page​ ‘explainer’ videos can increase conversions by 300%.

2. Landing Page sales pitch Video​

Here is an example we used for our Small Business Landing Page. Animation Video Production

In this sales pitch video we address the visitor directly and follow a simple format: 1) address​ the viewers pain, show how it can be solved 2) present PowToon as the solution 3) show the impact PowToon would have on the user’s world and 4) top off with a call to action.

3. Promotional video

Have an event, launching a product? How about those webinars or private consultations you give? This video is a great example of how to get people​ sold on your event ​ and sign-up​ for it. It features instructions, benefits, calls for action and humour. ​ This video is great for sharing on social networks and posting on a blog.

4. Thank You video

These can be very powerful because they create emotional engagement and therefore are likely to go viral. ​ This particular example has a unique twist to it. But you can make a simple thank-you,​ happy holiday or a congratulations video and email direct or send via social networks.

5. Video Blog with info-videos

An info-video does not have to be as long as the example below but it could also go much longer as long as it offers real content. ​ Visitors will appreciate​ your sharing of knowledge​ and come for more and since video ranks so much higher on Google search, your blog will stand out of the crowd.

If you own a small business you know you have all these great services to offer and you know you can’t afford the marketing budget some of your larger competitors have, then visit to enquire about our video animation services today!

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