3 Reasons why (browser-based) mockup photos are great for your business

Nowadays, all industry professionals use mockups in promoting their business and you should too for three awesome reasons.

Written by Von Sanchez

#1 A picture is worth a thousand words!

We humans are visual beings. What better way to do creative presentations and branding of your app/website/poster -design, than to use the most interesting, up to date, high quality mockups – created by professionals all around the world.

It doesn’t just capture the audience’s interest but will also allow them to notice every compelling detail in your design.

#2 Easy as a click of a button

Finding the right photo used to be hard, but with today’s Internet, your options for images are endless. From free stock images to collaborative platforms of paid mockup photos, searching for the perfect mockup is just at the tip of your fingers.

At Mockup.Photos you can find more than 150+ free mockups, ready to be used in your next project. Just drag your image into the browser, and you will see an instant preview of how your final mockup will look like.

#3 It’s less costly – like, a lot less!

Using mockup photos will save you both time and money. It gives you the visual reference on how your product will look like, without having to spend the actual sum during production. Producing the actual output can be quite costly when you consider all the licensing rights and intellectual property fees of professional photographers. – The good news is, using mockup photos will just rid you from all of that.

Sell your own mockups

Now here is a bonus; If you’re a creative professional or someone who likes taking photos, then you can also join the team and earn money from your snaps too. Become a contributor at www.mockup.photos and take control of your mockups.

They provide an easy-to-use editor, enabling you to turn your flat photos into live, breathing mockup photos that customers will be able to use in their browser.

This way you can spend your time on more fulfilling things and focus on what you do best – capturing the world’s best photos! Set up a shop with no long approval process, and start selling mockups while instantly!

Now isn’t that neat?

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