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Childcare providers need search engine optimisation (SEO) and digital marketing for their nursery. The UK childcare industry is a large, lucrative business worth £5 billion. In London especially it is very much in high demand as the city gets busier and attracts more people every year. Good local childcare allows parents to work full time and bring in that important extra income.

Why does your nursery need SEO?

There are many nurseries in every corner of London, and you’re all competing to attract parents. You need to show that you are the most reliable, fun, safe and educational environment for their kids. Also if your childcare facility is new or on a side street then you’ll definitely need online appeal to be found.

Keyword Avg. Monthly Searches Competition
Childcare 5,400 Medium
Montessori nursery 4,400 Low
Nursery 3,600 Low
Childminder 1,900 Medium
Kindergarten 1,300 Low
Pre-school 590 Low
Day care 210 Low

Here this chart, from google keyword planner, shows that there are thousands of searches a month using childcare related keywords. This shows the demand for these services in London.


How can SEO give your nursery an online boost?

  • Use your website to give contact details and links to all your site pages on your team, testimonials, meals, Ofsted report, hygiene rating and curriculum for example.
  • Blog- write about fun trips, cooking lessons, daily activities, educational visitors. Even use it to write about recent childcare news which parents will really appreciate.
  • Create links to reputable online sites for parents and children like, or child-related pages.
  • Photos- with parents’ permission, a photo gallery can be a lovely way to show your children having fun whilst learning. Also show how brightly decorated, safe and clean your nursery is and all its learning resources too.
  • Video is rich in content and information. All you need are short videos of an activity, a play or a day out to present a positive vibe much easier and quicker than an article can.

  • Show your staff and their qualifications- parents will really want to know who’s looking after their children, that they’re qualified and DBS checked. Presenting your staff as competent and friendly, with small bio profiles, could lead to a parent choosing you.
  • Sign up to local Google listings to make it easier for busy nearby parents to find you. Most parents don’t want a long trek to the nursery every morning so will choose locally.
  • Have mobile compatible webpages so parents can view on a tablet or mobile anywhere they are.

Nursery specialism

  • Ensure to include if your nursery specialises in something unique.
  • Are you a nursery for ASD children, a nursery for visually impaired or a nursery where another language is mostly spoken.
  • Some parents look for Montessori nurseries or outdoor nurseries too.
  • If anything specialist applies to you then use these specialist keywords in your articles, meta tags and link to relevant pages in that niche to rank better.

This is a cost-effective way to get more enquiries for your nursery which will ideally convert into more pupils attending. If digital marketing is implemented well enough then search engines will rank your facility high up on search results pages and increase your business opportunities. Don’t miss out on this opportune time of London population growth. An SEO agency will be more than able to help you get noticed and present your nursery in the best way possible. Feel free to contact me or our SEO consultancy today.

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