How to get Sitelinks for a website?

How to get Sitelinks for a website

A website is all about providing trust to the visitors and share right information. It can only happen when a user feel that your website is authoritative enough to make them believe. This kind of belief to the users can be given in a different way, where one in that is Sitelinks in Search Results.

Sitelinks are the sub-links(sub-pages) appear under the main link(main page) when you search for a query, which can be a brand name or a direct anchor. It helps you to bring in the visitors wide into your website for different pages and purposes at the same time. It gives the clear visibility of website navigation even before entering into a website.

Sitelinks in Search Results

How to get Sitelinks to your website?

People are curious about many things in and around search engine optimization. Most of the times they end up with just curiosity and sometimes they end up with a clear statement that solves their curiosity.


Everyone starts to ask/search about Sitelinks only when they see somewhere in the name of their competitors. As every business owner needs to be better than what their competitors show to the audience.

To be precise, you cannot actually set/change/modify anything to make your website’s search results with Sitelinks. It happens to be how a Searchbot crawl, index and see your website. It can be a navigation, internal link, user-friendliness or user behaviour.

Here, I can give you a small tip on this Sitelinks, where you can trigger the Searchbot and user to see in that way as expected. It starts with proper internal linking which means one page is literally linked to other pages of the website only to provide additional information and not for the matter of just doing for a purpose. In such case, It directly reflects on the user navigation and behaviour inside the website.

For Searchbot, it has to understand that the users are visiting these pages often from the landing page, so the relation between the page increases the relevancy that ends up as Sitelinks in the search results.

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