Keyword Stuffing: An Uncanny Act in SEO

Keyword Stuffing

SEO is a field where a myth can be easily spread and make people believe that those strategies are still working to rank a website. The basic and common rule of Search Engine Optimization is patience, here nothing will happen overnight. When you start to learn SEO, read the Google guidelines to be followed at the beginning to understand Protocols of SEO. In such a case, one big thing to address is, “Keyword Stuffing”. Beginner’s think that these factors are tattletales, which they found to work well. The truth is these factors are spoilers of complete SEO efforts.

What is Keyword Stuffing?

Keyword stuffing is a word that defines itself. When you have a potential target keyword for a landing, which is repeated placed everywhere on the page to outrank others in Google. Be simple in understanding SEO nuances, “Too Much of Anything is Good For Nothing”. These strategies come under Blackhat SEO Practices – Which are against Google’s Guidelines.

Why you should not do Keyword Stuffing?

The purpose of ranking a website is to deliver the results search users needed. The Google algorithm gives the highest preference to content than any other factor, as they’re clear that users only need to read what they really need to. Keep the weight machine equal at both ends as users and google algorithm are important at equal measures.

Deliver the content what users expect – Delivery in the way as Google expects!

Content - Keyword Stuffing

How to Maintain Keyword Density to Avoid Stuffing:

The content writer can include the target keywords in the content at the required level as Google has to understand on which topic content is elaborated. The best practice to have the keyword in the content is 2%, where it should not exceed and can be lesser. A basic formula for understanding the percentage of keyword density is Number of times keywords appear in the content is divided by the total number of words in the content.



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