Why do pet shops in the UK need online marketing to become a thriving business?

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Pets are extremely popular today. There is a pet to suit any personality. They are our companions, they can be funny, playful, calming and even become part of the family. People want to have pets and take care of them and will get all that they need for their little friend from your pet shop. Particularly in London, there will be a lot of competition between pet shops to attract customers so it’s vital to be visible and easily contacted.

Why is online marketing important for your pet shop?

  • Potential customers need to know you exist and need to find you. Many people search for pet shops every month and ideally your pet shop will be highly visible. However, this takes some effort.
  • Your pet shop needs to compete for visibility when pet shops in London, or similar terms such as pet shop or buy pets in London, are typed into a search engine. When you look at the below numbers from Google keyword planner, you can see there are thousands of people searching every month for such terms.

This chart from Google Adwords suggests that there are on average 14,000 monthly searches for pet shop.


  • Marketing your pet shop online well enough can lead to a high ranking when pet shop or similar is searched for, which means more people will see and find your pet shop in google search results.
  • Being found online and showcasing what your pet shop has to offer, can lead to a potential customer enquiring more about your shop.
  • Clicking through pages, browsing in your online shop, and going on your social media sites can all lead to more people visiting your shop and making purchases.
  • Additionally, online marketing for your pet shop is also needed to retain loyal customers and by improving your customer service efficiency by replying when they leave a comment.
  • This will ensure that they are likely to come back after the positive experience dealing with your pet shop.

How can online marketing help your pet shop?

  • The content of your site needs to be informative, attractive, easy to read and fast. It will need key information so you are easily contacted.
  • Any services such as pet grooming, what you sell and prices must be added.
  • It needs to be informative but not too cluttered so that it is visually appealing as well as helpful.
  • Having social media and regular postings will also help to create an attractive image of your pet shop and allow visitors to interact with you. Create facebook, twitter, Instagram and google plus accounts for your pet shop.
  • When customers comment the information is available for everyone to see. Customers will leave feedback on animals they bought at your pet shop, or about how friendly the staff are. People will be able to read your comments section, and see how well people have rated your business and decide from here if you are a reputable pet shop that will cater to their needs.
  • Share pictures and videos of anything newsworthy, fun and interesting relating to pets, your pet shop and animals today. These pictures and videos can consist of your shop, your staff and new pets for sale or who have come to visit with their owners.
  • You can also use your social media to inform about deals and discounts in your shop which will lead to sales.

These all help to make your pet shop be visible on search engines, look attractive and reliable and will draw people in to make purchases and recommend to others either by word of mouth or online.

With that being said if you are looking for digital marketing for your pet shops in the UK, you can get in touch with us and arrange a meeting with one of our SEO consultants.

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