“SEO for Magicians: Why Magicians in the UK must consider digital marketing”

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Magicians need to generate leads that convert into business. Search engine optimization or in general digital marketing can help attract individuals who want to hire a magician.  Your digital content can help you to be portrayed as a talented magician as well as a credible business person who can be trusted to deliver a fascinating performance.

Why magicians in the UK should consider digital marketing

  • A magician needs to build an authentic brand online and be easily found online and contacted.
  • Enquiring customers need to see what they will be buying, so they need to see what you can offer.
  • Some of the keywords used when looking for a magician is ‘magicians hire’, or similar terms such as ‘magicians London’ or ‘magician UK’.
  • When these searches are made you need to stand out by ranking highly on google.
  • Hundreds of searches are made every month enquiring about magicians so if you are one of the first on google search results, then you’re more likely to be clicked on and get more traffic to your digital assets.
  • This means more earning potential as there is an opportunity for business.


This graph shows the number of searches made monthly for magicians in the UK.

How can digital marketing help magicians?

  • Once you’ve got people to your page it’s important to show that you are someone who should be considered for hiring and well connected with fans and customers.
  • Online marketing for magicians is very cost effective as it is free to share content on YouTube and post on social media such as Facebook and Instagram. It will be cheaper for you than using other marketing alternatives.
  • It has also been found to generate more leads than other forms of marketing.
  • Use social media to promote a competition or magic convention where you will be appearing.
  • Use social media to update daily on the places you visited for shows, competitions and show your rehearsals or even aspects of your daily life – this will show that you are professional, in demand and accessible.
  • If you have a following, chat to your fans on twitter and try to give little tips and advice on your career and industry. Retaining loyal fans is important.
  • Use social media to find out if people enjoyed your show and how to improve your performance if there are any queries. They can leave feedback on website forms and comments sections of your content, and you can reply by thanking them or answering any queries about hiring you.
  • Consider even doing live webcasts on platforms like YouNow as another way to seem accessible and open to fans and customers.
  • Connect with other magicians too online who you could collaborate with and bring you to the attention of some of their fans and customers.


YouTube: video marketing for magicians

  • Videos of your tricks can create brand awareness and a professional image, so people know you’re authentic, trust your expertise and know they will get a great performance if they hire you.
  • A YouTube channel will be ideal for magicians as it allows you to showcase some of your tricks and give a taster of what you can do. This will entice potential customers to want to enquire more.
  • The videos will need the right music, lighting and editing to really wow viewers.
  • The videos will enable you to show versatility.  In each video you can appeal to different age groups depending on the music and tricks you use e.g. light and fun music is ideal for videos aimed at parents for children’s events, whereas scarier and more daring tricks can be in a more adult video.
  • Gaining subscribers on your channel and lots of views will also help you to be boosted and suggested by YouTube to viewers who have an interest in magic videos so you reach more people.
  • Additionally, YouTube can open doors to a number of extra opportunities too once you gain many subscribers.

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