Why beauty salons in London need digital marketing

Achieve Higher Rankings with London's SEO Experts

SEO for salons in London and UK online digital marketing can give your site the boost it needs.

Your salon needs to attract new customers with SEO. There are many salons in London competing for exposure and more clients.

With the help of SEO consultants and their knowledge, your hair salon can attract the attention it deserves.

Here I also share the best keywords used when people search for hair salon related terms.

Why do you need SEO for salons?

  • If you are small, have just started your beauty business, are on back streets or just want to find more clients then SEO and digital media can help you to be found when an online search is made.
  • If you are easily found online, look good enough, have good reviews and great pictures of your work then clients are more likely to travel to you.
  • A person looking for a beauty salon may not be happy with their current salon, is new to the area or is visiting for a few days. This first thing they will do is google keywords such as hair salon, nail salon and beauty salon in London.
  • Thousands of searches for hair and beauty salons in London are made every month, so your salon needs to be present on google search results pages.
  • The best keywords are salons, hair salons, beauty salons, hair salons London.
  • If you appear first on Google SERPs, you’re more likely to be clicked on and gain customers. Also, search engines will rank you higher for this extra traffic.


This Google keyword planner graph shows the number of searches made every month for hair salons.

How can SEO help your hair salon?

  • With the help of London SEO consultants your salon can really stand out and rank highly on google with social media, videos, a clear and informative site, and a distinct brand.
  • You will be advised on creating YouTube videos to give virtual tours of your salon, present hair makeovers, and hair tutorials and present what treatments you offer.
  • This will portray your salon as professional and friendly and worth traveling to for a high quality experience.
  • Also, Instagram and Facebook will be ideal for posting pictures of hairstyles and nails of your clients to show your expertise
  • Clients will leave comments on the great service they received and others can view these and perhaps be encouraged to visit your salon.
  • A regular blog relating to your salon, the beauty industry and anything fun your salon is up to is another way to connect with potential clients and boost your ranking on Google as this will make your online presence even bigger. More pages will equal a better ranking.
  • A brand is vital for a beauty business. This involves your salon name, logo and colour scheme of the salon. These will all add to the image you want to portray.

With that being said, knowledgeable London SEO experts will be able to create and put into effect your SEO plans to bring more business to your beauty salon. Feel free to contact us and our experienced SEO consultants will be ready to help.

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