SEO for surgeons: Why plastic surgeons in London should utilize SEO

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Digital marketing for cosmetic surgeons and plastic surgeons in London is extremely important to portray you and your practice as safe, highly recommended and experienced. Some of your clients may be from abroad or another part of the UK so your site is the only reference they will have before booking a consultation.

To reach a wide audience it’s best to rank highly on SERPs so you’re more likely to get that traffic to your page. Aiming for a high ranking is one aspect of digital marketing. Once you’ve attracted prospective clients to the site, you need to encourage them to stay and click around. SEO experts can help fine tune your webpage with a sleek, professional and informative finish to improve your conversion rate.

Prospective clients know that they need to find the best surgeon in London for their procedure otherwise the consequences can be dire. It also a nerve-wracking experience as well as quite expensive for some procedures. So you also need to attract people by putting them at ease by proving that you are professional, friendly, provide good aftercare and are reliable.


Keyword Avg. Monthly searches
Suggested Bid
Plastic surgeon 320 Medium £3.00
Liposuction surgery 110 High £2.96
Cosmetic surgeon 40 Medium £1.67
Cosmetic surgery UK 260 High  £5.92
Plastic surgery UK
260 High  £3.88

This chart shows that there are hundreds of keyword searches made every month for plastic surgery.

How can internet marketing benefit surgeons?


  • In the case of cosmetic surgery where image is especially important, your webpage needs to be well presented, clear and with not too many colours.
  • Have pages based on each procedure, with what is involved in the procedure and the aftercare protocol.
  • Staff biographies showing their competence and qualifications, as well as a GMC registration for the surgeon to prove they are consultant level trained.
  • Clearly present a list of treatments and procedures.
  • Pricing and finance options pages need to be easily found.
  • Even have sections for why clients should choose you, clearly portraying your expertise and trustworthiness.

Google Local listing

  • Sign up to google local listing to attract those based locally, if from London

Social media and blogs

  • Communicate with clients and keep them updated on what’s happening at your clinic, for example on new skin treatments or a 10% deal
  • Reply to questions and comments of customers and start discussions.
  • Post pictures of satisfied customers and encourage them to send in selfies of their post-surgery bodies.
  • Blog about plastic surgery advice and news, such as ‘how to reduce swelling after rhinoplasty’, or  ‘surprising ways to use Botox’ and create videos.
  • Link to high authority sites in your field or relevant to your article, in your blog.


Patient testimonials

  • Get testimonials from satisfied customers.
  • This will ensure new clients that you’ll do a great job with them as you did for previous patients.
  • Put a disclaimer on that page that they are all genuine experiences of the patients.

Videos of procedures and clinic

  • Videos of surgical procedures are extremely popular now.
  • It might seem gruesome but having visual proof of your professionalism and expertise will lead to more business.
  • Explore your clinic and how to get there from local transport in a video.
  • Show your modern, hygienic conditions and friendly welcoming professionals.
  • Have links to these on your site to your YouTube channel and watch your videos gain thousands of views.

The more clear and concise information you can provide, the better when it comes to cosmetic procedures. The client needs to be 100% sure that you’ll look after them and there’ll be no complications or botched surgery. Have a look at how this leading cosmetic surgery provider has mastered SEO.

Surgeon marketing will also help you to stand out from your competitors who will be providing the same procedures as you. Prove to potential patients that you are the better option with the expertise of an SEO company

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