Summer’s Here: Here are 10 Tips for your Summer Sales Content


Have you ever wondered how Apple has created a global brand that can convince people to spend $1000 or more on a phone that basically has the same features as a Samsung? How do they inspire such brand loyalty in consumers who are willing to queue for days to buy a new iPhone? While they have incredible designs and spend millions creating buzz around the launch of a new product, their sales copies are amazing, luring you in until you’re hooked on them forever!

Sales are the lifeline of every business. Without them, you will disappear. All your marketing efforts are geared towards building a relationship with your target audience, getting them to trust you and convincing them to shop with you. You know what unifies all these qualities? A great sales copy that captures attention and compels you to take action. If your business has struggled in the past with slow summer sales, these tips will revitalize your content marketing efforts and increase your sales.

Incorporate the four most important words that increase sales

You: A recent study in behavioral psychology found that there are four magic words that, when included in a marketing copy, increase conversion. “You” is at the top of the list, as it speaks directly to the customer. It is the most powerful word in the English language, because all humans have an egocentric side. When you write a copy that speaks directly to the consumer, you’re creating a subconscious connection. Your e-commerce product descriptions should directly address the prospect.

Now: Nothing elicits a sense of urgency in a prospect like the word “now”. Most prospects have a short attention span, especially towards the end of summer when they are looking for the best end-of-summer deals. Delve into the urgency of their need to discover if they need your product or are just passing by.

New: “New” makes you think of an improved version of something you’ve never tried or already have. You immediately desire the product to satisfy your urge for adventure. A cognitive neuroscientist, Dr. Bianca Wittman, explains that the search for novel experiences encourages the consumer to move away from the familiar to an item described as “new”.

Free: This is more than just a word, it’s an emotional trigger that leads to irritational excitement, a bubble of happiness and the desire to grab something before it’s gone. Robert Rolls, the Content Manager at Azure Virtual Machines posits that “a copywriter takes advantage of the natural human aversion to loss, as people will choose not to lose money rather than to gain something new, even when it has a greater value.”

Break down your content to promote readability

Unlike academic writing, a sales copy must be easy to read and understand. A layman who has never come across your product should be able to reach a basic understanding of your product description and its benefits. Apple uses short sentences in their own copies, sometimes going with one-word sentences to drive the message home. Don’t worry about right or wrong grammar. Be like Apple. Start your sentences with “But”, “And” or “Because.” Keep it below 12 words per sentence for uniformity.

Use sexy subject lines

If you remember nothing else from this article, remember this. Your sales copy must never be boring. You’re trying to grab the attention of people on holiday, who have no interest in shopping until Black Friday or Christmas. Your sales copy should command attention. Use a sexy subject line to entice prospects to open your emails while they’re lounging on a beach in Miami. It will grab their attention and keep it.

R.L Adams, the founder of WanderlustWorker, recommends the following:

Use a list-style line. 10 ways our running shoes can improve your speed this summer.

Ask a question that makes them curious. Have you heard about this popular All-American dish that is making people sick?

Create a subject line that compares your product with top competitors. Here is what you will get from our energy drink that you won’t find in others or How our editing software compares to the leading consumer brand.

Avoid all caps and excessive use of exclamation marks

You don’t need to put text in capital letters to draw attention. It is annoying, makes people lose interest and slows down reading. Readers better recognize text in lower case than all caps. Also, using exclamation marks throughout your piece isn’t going to get a prospect to buy your product. One is enough.

Identify the problem

Rolls advised that a sales copy is only effective if it addresses a problem that your prospect wants to solve, or highlights a way to make their lives easier. “Describe the problem in a way that carries them along. They should trust you, see you as a friend and a dependable resource”. List all the past solutions they’ve tried but failed.

Align yourself with them by using the words ‘we’and ‘wur’. You know the problems we’ve faced trying to find a program that keeps hackers and the government out of our PC. We’ve tried some of the best software but they have all failed…”

Captivate them with the power of imagination


Look at this ad from Innocent drinks. Doesn’t it just make you yearn for a taste of everything they’re offering? It’s like you can taste the coconut from reading the copy. When people imagine holding a product and using it, the sensory experience makes them crave it. Just like we have a craving for Malaysian Rendang. Help your readers imagine what it would feel like to use your products. Emotion and sensory-rich words are essential.


Benefits sell. Descriptions are good, but people buy because they want the benefits for themselves. The great marketing genius, Bob Stone, wrote direct emails that highlighted the benefits of a product as they related to a target persona. Describe the actual positive impact the product has on the life of the target persona and explain in detail what they will get from the product. Leave room for imagination but ensure you’ve planted a seed and watered it enough for it to germinate on its own.

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