Why Copywriting Is The Most Important Part of a Business

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If you’re a business owner, hug your copywriters. They hold your business together and are the backbone of your marketing strategy. Without them, you’d appear boring, uncompelling, and like any other company in the market. They’re your greatest asset.

Your copywriter, if you have one, is the most important part of your business. That’s right, I said it and it’s true. The MOST IMPORTANT. Copywriters are more important than graphic designers, social media experts, PPC specialists, bloggers, and your sales team. Without a copywriter, all of these other jobs would fall short and not have as big of an impact. Which is why we are the most important part of any business.

Of course, I’m speaking biasedly, but let’s compare jobs and took a deeper look.

Why Your Copywriter Is More Important Than Your Graphic Designer

Graphic designers are important. As humans, we gravitate towards what’s aesthetically appealing. Without an awesome graphic designer, businesses wouldn’t be able to sell some super cool and sexy brands. In order to have a successful business, you need images and a look that sticks and is appealing to people. You must have a website or a landing page that people like to look at and are easy to navigate, but….

What good does a nice-looking website or ad do if the words on it are boring, unemotional, and don’t stick? Here is an example:

You want to learn the German language, so you look for an online course. Luckily, you fall upon a website that is amazingly well-done. It has cool images, graphics, and even some cool interactive things. But, the text (copy) says “We teach German. Click here for our courses. You won’t regret it!”. Let’s be honest that’s pretty boring. Would you click on that?

Now, what if you saw another site and the design was not the best. We can even say it was really plain and boring, but the copy says “Learn Fluent German in 100 days from Scratch or Your Money Back Guaranteed!”. Which copy sounds more appealing? The first example or the second?

I’ve seen a number of sales pages, websites, and ads whose actual physical look was not that great, but the words were amazing and I was sold. When an ads objective is to persuade, sell, and have a call to action then you need words. Words are the most important. Therefore, copywriters are more important than graphic designers.

Why Your Copywriter Is More Important Than Your Social Media Experts

I love social media just as part of the next person and its important part of a business in this age. It’s smart for a business to have a social media expert, but that doesn’t mean it’s more important than the copywriter. Why?

Yes, social media experts are experts in spreading the company brand, getting exposure, and bringing traffic to your website. But, if the text on your social media profiles and posts are dull, lifeless, and generic then what does that say about your business? It’s not enough to just make a post. You need to be able to showcase your company’s personality, brand, and attract people to move towards your site. How do you do that?

Get a copywriter. A creative one.

Why Your Copywriter Is More Important Than Your PPC Consultants

PPC ads, or pay-per-click ads, are a massively useful tool for any business. They get traffic to your website, get you more exposure, and contribute to making a conversion. But what happens once the person gets to your website? What does your website or landing page say? Is it compelling, enticing, persuasive enough? Will it convince anyone to convert?

I’ve seen so many PPC ads that lead to poorly-written landing pages. What a waste of money. Want to save cash and increase your chances of getting the conversion?

Hire a creative copywriter that knows how to sell with words. If you don’t have one, your business is not living up to its potential and that is a sad thought.

Why Your Copywriter Is More Important Than Your Blog Writers

This is pretty meta. You’re reading an actual blog post now, so that goes to show you that well-written blogs are important and useful. They provide valuable information, tools, and can increase loyalty, your email list, and visitors to your site. I love blogs and I love writing blogs, but let me ask you this:

Who do you want as your content marketer?

  • Someone who knows all the best blogging techniques, practices, and can write well?
  • Or a copywriter who is trained in the art of persuasion, branding, advertising, conversion strategy AND who also knows the same blogging techniques and strategies?

What would be the best for your company? A copywriter.

Why Your Copywriter Is More Important Than Your Sales Team

Obviously, your sales team is important too. They make the sale. Your sales team does a lot of persuading and they make that push so deals can be made. BUT…

What if you hired a direct-response copywriter who can tweak your sales pitch to be 10% more persuasive, 10% more personal, which would guarantee a 10% increase in conversions? You know you could this by hiring a savvy direct-response copywriter for ONE DAY? Your sales team is important, but a copywriter can polish the pitches so you can perform better.

If you don’t have a copywriter, do yourself a favor and hire one today.

Conclusion and My Actual Opinion about why copywriting is important 

First of all, before any graphic designer, salesman, blog writer, PPC consultant, or anyone gets angry and messages me, I should say something:  I don’t actually think copywriters are more important than any other team member. I fully believe every part of a business is just as important as the other.

Great copy is important and essential but it doesn’t do much just alone. Every part of a marketing strategy contributes a massive amount. I wrote this to state why copywriting is important, by no means do I believe copywriting is superior to any other job. Copywriting needs all of the factors above.

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