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A New Month at ClickDo!

It’s the start of a new week here at ClickDo and there are plenty of things to do to help our clients build their brand and increase their online exposure. Fernando is still currently in Lithuania spreading the word and working from his balcony showing that you can travel around and be productive in what ... Read More

Pre Bank Holiday Update from ClickDo

The UK Bank holiday is arriving shortly so I thought that I would put out a short post about the various activities that have been going on this week at the ClickDo London office. Logesh has been very active and publishing a blog per day which you can see on the ClickDo Blog page. He ... Read More

Latest Google Algorithm Update

We have noticed a few shuffles in the Search Engines this week as there has been another update which Google has announced on their blog.   We are monitoring these results through our own set of data to see what exactly is happening and will present our findings soon! You can read the update here.

Easter Holiday Update

The Easter Holidays are here and we are tying up the loose ends before the long weekend. Everyone has been working from different locations this week but we are all in touch via Skype or phone and completing the tasks that each member has to perform. Fernando is continuing his travels and currently in Sofia ... Read More

ClickDo Week Ending 07/04/2017

It’s the end of the first week of April already and we are fast approaching the Easter holiday period and getting ready for the four day weekend on the 14th! Its has been a busy week as usual and we are currently looking for recruits people to help us out with the busy schedule. Janay ... Read More

ClickDo Welcomes SCCD Teacher Training!

We have taken on a new client at ClickDo Ltd. this month which is in an industry that we have not worked in before. This is exciting, as the broader the range of clients that you have the more interesting your day becomes and you start to learn new things from the research that you ... Read More

2017 SEO by Stuart Anthony at ClickDo Ltd.

We are now over the Christmas and New Year holiday period and the majority of people are back to work for the first week of the year with new targets and goals for the year ahead. Business owners are most likely planning a new strategy for 2017 and putting their marketing plans together to improve ... Read More

ClickDo Weekly Update

It’s the end of the week at ClickDo Ltd and we are getting ready for the Christmas break and extended weekend. Below are some of the things that the gang at ClickDo have been up to this week. Fernando is busy building our new APPs department and is reaching out to talented individuals to join ... Read More

End of Week ClickDo Wrap Up!

The end of the week is approaching and it is time for the end of week round up at ClickDo Ltd. A lot has happened since the last update on the 2nd of December, so here goes. Kasun and Logesh have been flat out all week working together on the Liberty cars project with a ... Read More