How I (Aslam Saah) rank UK Websites with #1 SEO Team?

Rank Uk Business with #1 SEO Team

Aslam-SaahStarting from the day I joined ClickDo, It is a complete learning process for me until now. Yes! I’m Aslam part of ClickDo SEO Gang in London. SEO is a great work to carry forward daily, because of regular learning about new stuff happening in the industry to rank a website. Myself along with ClickDo working daily on different projects from different sectors to rank #1, Like how we rank for SEO Consultant London.

How We Got Express Waste Removals to #1 Page in Google?

My work started with rubbish removal niche. A website( which haven’t seen any positive traffic until March, so I have decided to work on daily basis. Implementing On-Page SEO Techniques, fixing website issues to make it SEO friendly, Social media optimization and a huge process of relevant backlinks.

Did you see the difference in traffic? Yes, The works happening at ClickDo has reflected well on Google to see a huge climb in traffic after April’18. Now, we are ranking for more than 300+ keywords for their business in Google Search Engine Results Page[SERP].

As a result, the keyword “rubbish removal london” – the money making keyword of waste clearance industry is on 1st page.

What happening at EOT Cleaning Service London?

EOT Cleaning( is one other business I have been working along with Fernando, who is an #1 SEO Consultant in London and helps me by sharing SEO secrets. “End Of Tenancy Cleaning London” is a potential keyword for their business, and also the toughest keyword to rank in the UK. For which, we rise to the top of first-page on SERP to give them website traffic that converts as a business.

So, what I did common for both the business?

  • Proper On Page,
  • Backlinks and
  • Most Importantly UK Citation Building.

The citation building is one of the key factors in SEO, which we are providing as a service for UK businesses to drive local traffic. A local citation is a presence of business details across the web. It includes business name, phone number, address and other details. In addition to this, a link given back to a website will show that the presence of business to Google.

EOT Cleaning - Citation Building


If you are in need of UK Local citation building, then Myself and Dinesh are ready to set up from 100+ High Domain Authority UK websites by filling out your business information to drive local traffic.


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