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How to build back links to improve the local SEO?

Backlinks remain as the core factor in the Off-Page SEO. As an SEO consultant, you should be aware of the spam links and should avoid it.  Here lest see the organic way of building backlinks in SEO to improve the websites ranks gradually on the SERP.

Ways to build backlinks to improve the ranks for a local business,

  • Guest Posting
  • Local Citations

Guest Posting:

Guest Posting is the way of publishing your content on the relevant blogs owned by others and linking to our website from the same. Links from the high authority domains will help your ranks to climb up on SERP easily.

Things to consider while building links from guest posts,

  • Domain Age
  • The niche of the websites
  • Check the previously published Blogs
  • Try to build links from the existing posts


Things to avoid in building backlinks

  • Avoid bulk links from the same website
  • Don’t build links from the spammy website
  • Don’t build links from the irrelevant Niches

The main thing to consider about building backlinks is that the domain authority is not important as long as the site looks natural with rich content.

Local Citations.

Local citation building is the way of representing the business information like Name, Address. Phone Number (NAP Information) in the business directories. This will help Google to understand about your business better. In addition to this, it builds authority for your brand in Online.

We at ClickDo build citations for your business in the UK manually. The citations build by the Expert Team at ClickDo will contain the information about the business like,

  • Name, Address, Phone Number
  • Social Media profile links
  • Small Description about your business
  • Images & Videos about your business
  • Testimonials, etc

Hence as a business people in London to build quality citations for your business or for guest posts services relevant to your niches, you can mail to dinesh@clickdo.co.uk

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