Does the SEO efforts to rank organically is worth the time and resources?

We are about to start 2017 and I guess we have the right topic to discuss today! If you are still confused about the Title, let me give you the same title in simple words:

Will SEO Work in 2017?

Background check for Past SEO Updates

Over the past couple of years, we have seen a huge difference in SEO Strategies that work and what industries benefit the most from SEO and what industries does PPC dominates. Let me share some examples where PPC is the Key to success:

  • Cabs / Taxi industry
  • Flight ticket bookings
  • Waste removal industry (for a Brand New company, PPC works best!)

There are lots more, above are only few industries where PPC dominates. Further, if you are not into any of the above Niche, you can fasten your seat belts and continue reading.

Why SEO is Mandatory?

Did I say “Mandatory”? Yes, the reason is simple. In the digital economy, every person who know you as a Brand, every person who came across your Ads or any form of out-reach, they would search in any Search engine with your “Brand Name”. Hence, SEO is mandatory for your business as long as you want to survive in the digital world!

Consider this scenario. You have made an Advertisement using Google Re-Marketing to reach your customers, Your brand name would definitely get registered in their mind. If they ever need your service, they would search for your Brand Name. Hence, at minimum to rank on Google for you Brand Name, you require SEO, where ClickDo is at it’s best.

Is it worth the Time and Resources?

100% Yes, if you spend in the right direction. If you are taking SEO Services from us, you can stay assured that you will get the best results for your Online campaigns. Get in touch with me (Logesh) for the best PPC Services! On the other hand, SEO is an long term investment and gives highest ROI.



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