E-Commerce SEO Strategies for Quick Daily Sales

Ecommerce SEO Strategies

Once Online Product Sellers were facing a lot of troubles to reach the audience through the digital medium. Now, the things are getting simple and easy when the right strategy is followed for the business. Most of the discussions will be around the URL structure, product description, product meta tags and more. Here, our only focus will be on strategies to performed for getting best out of Search Engine Optimization for your online products.

  • Strategic Keyword Research
  • Voice Search
  • Mobile Crawling

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  • Strategic Keyword Research:

    • In SEO, everything starts with choosing the right keywords for ranking. It is like one lost – everything lost. The Strategic way of choosing the keywords is finding the long-term keywords that can get your business.
    • After reading this, most of the people will log in to keyword planner for finding long-term keywords. But the fact is you won’t get it there, instead of logging into keyword planner, log in to search console and google analytics to get it right.
    • The long-term keywords will help the audience in knowing detail about the topics, questions and problems, which they actually needed to know the most.
    • Competitor Analysis – Analyze your competitors and know where they stand as an online marketing business. Gather the keywords, link flow, basic strategies and much more.
  • Voice Search:

    • Voice Search is making it’s buzz everytime as it has the capability to change the complete search engine environment. When you’re co-relating voice search with the previous topic, you understand the importance.
    • Most of the user’s queries will be in a long-term when they do voice search. The ultimate purpose of the search engine is to provide the right solution to users problems.
    • Understanding the number of queries flow through mobile devices than desktop, considering voice search at the earliest will be handy.

voice search

  • Mobile Crawling:

    • By going with the flow, mobile website for an e-commerce platform plays a vital role, so keeping it clean and quick with the best user interface will show positive on both crawlers and users.
    • Interestingly, only for e-commerce websites, traffic from mobile and desktop is inverted.
    • 76% prefer to shop on desktop website and considered to be 85% faster, whereas only 9% prefer to shop on mobile website and considered to be 76% faster.

    • In between these stats, the websites start to lose some customers. And at the same time keep in mind that best performing mobile e-commerce website is taking all your online sales.

In Addition to this, an E-Commerce Website can run Facebook Remarketing Campaign for daily sales through targeting potential audience. If you don’t have an idea of setting up Facebook remarketing for your business, get access to our tailored Facebook remarketing course, where we educate from how to gather the potential audience and advertise them for conversion.


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