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Why you should get more Google Business Reviews?

Google, the search engine giant is now widely used in every corner of the globe. From Smartphones to IOT gadgets, utilise Google services one way or the other to gather information. This information is in turn used to take data-driven decisions. One simple example for this data collection is “Google Analytics”. Some advanced examples include usage of Google API Engine for complex applications and valuation of application requests.

How does this relate with Google Business Listing Reviews?

The search engine giant has started testing new features in the digital economy. This is a crucial step in the search giant’s history! Because, its testing features to reduce the number of “Organic” results in the SERP (Search Engine Results Page). When this number reduces, users would prefer to click on the “Ads” most of the time!

How Reviews can help?

Yeah! you should still remain confused at this point. Let’s get started with the explanation. When a user performs a search, the user would get the search results in SERP. It contains the results in the order below:

  1. Google Ads
  2. Map Listings
  3. Organic Results
  4. Google Bottom Ads

Yes, right now we have upto 4 Ads on top + 3 Map Listings + 10 Organic Results + 2 Bottom Ads. Google has already loaded the Ads with Ad-Extensions (tonnes of extensions). This actually made no good progress for them with respect to profits, still they managed to get a marginal increase.

One of the biggest challenge is that users still prefer to click on Organic results because of the relevance it gives to the user. To have greater advantage in this situation, the search engine giant has decided to reduce the number of organic results.

Hence, if you have more business reviews on Google Business Listing (from real people), the possibility of ranking on Maps is greater and will get you the results.

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