Google Rolls Out New Schema – Now Display Data Tables On SERP


Schema Markup is the organic way by using which you can present more additional information about your business website on the Google SERP. Schema Markup will help the Google to fetch additional information about your business and display it on the SERP.

The main important thing to note about the schema markup is that it will make the users click on your link to visit the website. In turn, it will increase the Click Through Rate (CTR) of your website.

google update

Google Introduced New Type Of Schema:

Google has introduced a new type of schema for displaying the data tables in the search results. By using this schema you can display the data tables in the search results from your website.

What Kind of data formats will Google accept for this schema type?

  • CSV File or Tables with data
  • Collection of More Tables
  • Data represented in some structured format
  • Anything that is represented as a dataset

That is the ultimate aim of the Google is to make the users discover the more important data that they are looking for very easily. Website owners can make this job easy for Google by implementing the Schema markup.

It’s not that simple for Google to understand and retrieve the contents in the table format. Hence it is the responsibility of the publishers to make it easy for Google.

schema markup

Other types of Schema Markups:

Google has many markups to display the information in the best possible way on the SERP. The other important markup type is the review schema markup.

This will help you to display the review stars on the Google SERP below the site link. This will help you build trust in the customer’s mind and make them click on your link on the SERP.

Hence its time for your to unwrap the new updates that are rolled out by the Google and make your sites perform well on SERP.


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