How Hard is it to Learn SEO in 2018? – Expert Answers


Learning SEO will be one of the greatest things you can do.

By learning search engine optimization you will be able to create your own business, work for a marketing agency, be a freelancer and a bunch of others things.

SEO has literally changed my life and even the way I think.

I’m now at the point where I can create my own business and make it successful or work for someone.

Since I’m writing this, you know which one I went with and I’m having a great time.

So you want to learn SEO but you believe it’s hard and don’t know where to start.

I remember when I first got into SEO.

I had no idea what I was doing, I simply wanted to learn this skill because it would open a bunch of options for me and damn…

…it was hard!

Absorbing every form of content I could. Not caring if it was a book, article, podcast, video or image.

I just wanted to master the art of ranking on Google.


Because when you know how to rank on Google, you can completely change your business.

Everyone these days is using Google…

When they have a problem, want an answer, shopping or just general browsing…

…Google is their go-to platform.

How hard is it to learn SEO?

The way I just described learning SEO made it sound almost impossible to do.

And it can be, if…

…you decide to do it completely on your own like I did.

You see, when I decided to learn SEO, I wanted to do it all on my own.


Because I was just that kind of person.

Also, the SEO courses were really expensive.

I remember buying one SEO course and it actually hurt me more than helped me because it taught me outdated tactics.

Is there a way I make SEO an easy skill to learn?

Yes, there is.

And I’m going to be straightforward and as honest as possible.

If you really want to make SEO an easy skill to master, you can’t do it alone.

Don’t make the same mistake I did.

I would recommend you find a person that has actually proven to rank websites on Google.

Find that person and have him/her coach you.

Now, you might be thinking, “Where do I find this person?”

Well, you’ll be pleased to know that I’m that person.

I know exactly what you’re going through and going to be going through if you decide to learn SEO.

I know all the hurdles you will have to overcome and all the things you should and shouldn’t do.

Do you want to skip all the pain, effort and insane amount of time it takes to learn SEO?

Check out my 1 on 1 SEO coaching plan and you can learn SEO at home.

Or you can email me at and I’ll get back to you as soon as you I see the email.

Do you just want an SEO course made by someone who actually understands the subject?

Well, you’ll be pleased to know that I designed an SEO course just for you.

Go ahead and check out the SEO blueprint.


SEO can be a hard skill to learn… if you make it so.

If you decide to learn SEO by yourself, you will eventually master it.


You will face a lot of hurdles like absorbing outdated SEO information.

You would have spent your time learning things that don’t matter and the only way you can figure out if it’s outdated information

…is by actually testing it out.

Do you have the time to be reading, implementing and testing a bunch of SEO strategies?

That’s for you to decide.

You can make SEO easy to learn by going to someone who’s already where you want to be.

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