What is Citation Flow & How to increase it?

What is a Citation Flow?

Citations flow of a domain is a number ranging from 0 to 100, Citation flow denotes that how influential that the link is. It is calculated based on the links that are pointing to the site from the other sites.

Citation flow usually denotes the quality and the relevancy of a particular website. Google gives more importance to the metrics like Domain authority, trust flow and the citation flow as an important ranking factor.

citation flowIf you get links from the sites with the high citation flow, then your website’s citation flow also will increase considerably. This will not impact the trust flow of your website.

How to increase the citation flow?

Citation Flow can be increased in an organic way by building the high-quality backlinks.

Try to build the links from the sites which has good authority on the Web. Build links from the websites which has the citation flow and trust flow more than your website.

Try to outreach and find some guest posting sites, Good authority guest posts will help you in increasing the site authority and also the ranks of your website in the Google SERP.

increase the citation flowEven you can gain links from the high authority websites by blog commenting. If you cant gain links from the posts of the high authority blogs, then try to get links via blog commenting.

Not only the backlinking but also the strong internal linking structure will help you to increase the citation flow of your website.

Ensure that your home page has many links pointing to it from the other web pages.

Build links from the .gov or .edu sites, The links from these type of domains will increase your trust flow and the citation flow of your website. Even blog commenting on these sites will help you increase the citation flow.

Thus these are some organic ways which you can try to improve the trust flow and the citation flow of the websites,

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