How to Monetize a Blog Quickly – 10 Proven Ways

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So you’re getting visitors to your blog and you want to know how to make money from it.

Well, you’re in luck, because in this post, I’ll be revealing the best ways on how to monetize a blog quickly.

These methods are easy to implement and are proven ways to make money online.

I’ll be going over 10 proven ways to make money on your site. These methods have worked for many other bloggers so why wouldn’t they work for you?

I personally have a few niche blogs of my own that make me money every single month.

These are great ways to make a side income or possibly replace your entire income one day.

I love blogging because it’s easy to do and you can do it from anywhere.

All you need is a laptop, internet connection and you’re good to go.

So make sure you go through all these methods and implement them one by one to see what works for you.

Product reviews


Reviewing products is one of the best and easiest ways to make money with your blog.


Because it’s very straightforward to do and you can earn a lot of money by doing this.

Find products in your niche and talk about them on your blog. Tell people what the benefits and the negatives of the product.

Your readers will be interested in that product because first of all, if they’re on your niche blog, then they must be interested in that product which is related to the nice.

Also, you’re a reputable person to talk about the product. Visitors see you as an authority in that niche and because of that, your opinion matters to them.

Let’s say you’re in the bodybuilding niche and you’re reviewing a pre-workout supplement. Visitors will be interested in what you have to say because you’re an authority in that topic in their eyes.

You most likely have used products in your niche, you can simply talk about them.

Or you don’t even have to purchase the product. You research that particular product, see what others have said, and then give your opinion.

In order to get paid for these product reviews, you must sign up for an affiliate program like Amazon associates and promote products that way.

Create your own shop


Creating your own shop is one of the best ways to make top dollar through your blog.

Maybe you’ve got a blog that talks about baking, well guess what?

You can start baking your own cakes and sell them locally.

Maybe you live in a small town. You could optimize your shop page and services to rank on Google and have people come to your site and order your cakes.

To do this, you will need to understand local SEO.

Make sure you learn it and get your site ranking. Or you could even run Google and Facebook ads to get instant traffic.

You can be creative with your shop and add things to your shop you think people would buy.

Test it out and see what happens

Sell ad space


By creating some space on your website like your sidebar, it’s a great way to advertise.

Many companies like to advertise like this, They’ll pay for that spot on your website for a certain period of time or offer a commision structure.

For example, you could have a hosting offer on your sidebar and everytime someone purchases something from that hosting company, you’ll get a commission.

Or they could set it up in a different way. For example, the company could pay you each month or week for that spot on your website and you will get paid regardless of how many clicks or sales you get.

Selling ad space on your website is one of the easiest and passive ways to make money.

All you do is set up the add on your site and leave it there.

Google AdSense

Adsense may be the easiest way to monetize a blog of all time.


Because you literally click a few times and you could be making money.

You see, if your blog is already getting a decent amount of traffic, it’s probably worth seeing if you can make money from Adsense.

It won’t hurt.

Simply sign up for Adsense, download an Adsense WordPress plugin and you will be able to display ads.

Let them sit for a couple of weeks and tweak them.

You see, you want to get as many views and clicks on these ads. This can be done by adjusting where the ads show up.

Move them around your website like your banner, sidebar and within posts.

And see if this generates you any money.

The money you make from AdSense can heavily depend on your niche.

Some work better than others. Some niches don’t make any money no matter how much traffic you get.

AdSense is simply a Google advertising platform where businesses compete to be put on display.

You don’t get a whole lot of money from AdSense but it can be a nice little side income. A decent injection of cash for you.

However, if you get thousands of visitors a day, that’s when you may be able to bring in some serious cash.

Build an email list


Building an email list is one of the best things you could possibly do.


Because you can easily retarget them with whatever you’d like.

Many people just sell an item on their website and get a bit of money, and that’s perfectly fine.


If you want to make the big bucks, then you should be building an email list.

Every time you want to sell something, you can just send an email to your list and… BOOM! Money baby!

But, don’t get carried away. Don’t mistreat your list.

You must offer value in your emails. Have content in there that you have not published anywhere else.

After you’ve added some value, then you can pitch them on a product. But the product must be good for the person, relevant and something that they’ll actually like to purchase.

If you’re just spamming your list with a bunch of offers then you will be put in the spam box. So be careful.

Charge for premium content


Do people really enjoy the content you post? Then you should consider charging for premium content, content that a special few have access to.

So what kind of content can you charge people for?

Well that all depends on your niche. You’re going to have to get creative.

Let’s say you run a blog in the SEO niche. You could offer premium content where users get access to the latest strategies you create.

It could be anything.

Just make sure it’s content that your users will enjoy and very valuable to them.

And make sure the content is better than the content on your actual blog.

Sell an eBook


Are people genuinely interested in your topic?

Then why not create an eBook around it. It doesn’t have to be a giant book you put together.

All you have to do is talk about your niche and add some value in there. Talk about things that people may not know about and they’ll be more likely to be happy with their purchase.

The great thing about eBooks is how cheap they are to make. You just type everything up on your laptop, get a cool looking image for the eBook, think of a catchy headline and you can start pitching it to your audience.

It’s an easy way to make instant money if you already have already built an audience.

Offer 1 on 1 coaching

1 on 1 coaching is one of the easiest ways to earn money blogging. is in the digital marketing space, it mainly specializes in the SEO niche.

Well, guess what?

People are interested in SEO coaching as you can see by this image:

This has an estimated search volume of 720 for the search term, “SEO coaching”.

This means that people are interested in SEO coaching and it’s backed up by data.

If you don’t know if your viewers are interested in coaching/consulting for your specific niche, I would recommend using a keyword tool like Keywords Everywhere or Ubbersuggest to see if there’s any volume.

I would also recommend creating a post around your coaching service and blasting it out to your email list if you have one.

Paid guest posts

If you have a website that’s pulling in a few hundred visitors a day and has some authority…

…I would recommend you taking on paid guest posts.

A guest post is simply where a guest writes on your website.

People want to guest post on a website because they can leave links back to there website. By doing this, they’ll be able to rank better on Google and eventually grow their traffic from Google.

This is something that ClickDo also offers. So if you have a website and want some more backlinks then make sure to get in contact with us.

I would recommend having a page where you talk about paid guest posts. One thing you could do is, put up a banner on your site that mentions your paid guest posting service.

And when they click on that banner, they will land on the paid guest post page where you go into more detail like the pricing and contacting you.

Create your own course

Creating and selling your own course is one of the easiest ways to monetize your blog and it has been for many years.

If you have built up an audience, a blog where you get returning viewers, then there’s a good chance they’ll purchase a course from you.

This course must be really good and genuinely offers value to your audience.

It can’t be some half-arsed garbage you put together. When creating your course, make sure you intentionally pack as much value in there as you possibly can.

Now, when I talk about adding value in your course, some people get the idea that they need extremely high-quality equipment like a 4K camera, their own cameraman and some super expensive video editor.

You don’t need all those fancy things. You can just get a 1080p camera or your smartphone and a decent mic. If you need to record your screen then you can get a cheap screen recorder.

Just make sure the things you talk about will add value to the viewer and help them improve in whatever the course is about.


So those were the best ways to monetize a blog.

Make sure you take these ideas and actually implement them. See if any of these methods work for you.

At least one of these methods should work for you because they have for me and many others out there.

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